October 3rd-5th, The Party at the Palace was held at the International Congress of Investment in Munich

October 3rd-5th, The Party at the Palace was held at the International Congress of Investment in Munich

15.11.2019 17:15

The main sponsor of the Gala Evening, Anna Stukkert, noted that the Street Models Show showed a charity gala evening for participants and children of the Dmitry Nagiyev’s Fund «Anna».

For the first time in the history of the congress, Igor Vernik, Russian artist, held a charity auction from the Nagiyev Charity Fund «Anna». The auction was attended by the president of the Elizabeth Nushikyan Fund and vice president Singer Natalia Solovey.

Among the lots of the auction, following were presented:

Unique Spitz by Oleg Kabakov -Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Association of Businessmen «Our Business» and Ekaterina Kabakova; a painting by Ekaterina Yurizditskaya and Bella Malyavko «Black Diamond Pro»; Elena Karlova – Altai artist; painting by Belarusian artist Alexander Funtikov; certificates to the medical center of Oleg Shadsky, winner of the European Prize Best Russian Vertebrologist 2018; certificates of the elite British Concierge service «BSI LIFESTYLE». The funds raised at the auction are used to treat children and wards of the fund. Only truly strong people can be magnanimous and kind.

An important event was the «World Kids Fashion» Charity Fashion Show with musical accompaniment by Tatyana Tuzova. It was organized by Street Models Show Co-organizer, SEO Stars Media Group, founder of Top Beauty International Nikolay Gavrishev.

Amazed by the surprise of the famous Russian writer Kira Kudinova (@kira_kudinova), who dedicated a poem to Congress and donated her books.

Mariya Sokolik, winner of the «Germany MISS EU Bayern 2016» beauty contest, model, co-organizer of Real Estate and Investment Congress 2019 opened the competition with her walk. The performance of the dance school «Alice», the bronze medalist of the World Cup in Portugal 2019; children’s fashion show Vikgo; performances from the legendary singer Mano Michael; beautiful dance performance of Carolina Welsch–Rg_Gersthofen; The closing of the evening was the performance of «Fabinesa dance».

Miss Street Models Show Tatyana Savchenko 23 years old, originally from Ukraine, a student of an English school, bachelor of Munich Business School, master of Sales Management at ESCP Europe. Vice Miss Michel Sakovich is 25 years old, originally from Russia and Greece. She graduated from the Glion Institute of Higher Education and received a Swiss degree in hospitality and luxury brands.

All 43 finalists received gifts from the Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory.

The prize fund amounted to:

Necklace and jewelry by Natalya Disali, 7th time winner of the WELT class; «BSI LIFESTYLE» (100 pieces on the planet) presented an exclusive cognac «Monaco Сognac Extra Old»; certificate for 800 euros Bronnitsky Jewelry Factory; The online exhibition platform «Online Expo» awarded 1,000 €; earrings from «Ama Gems»; Sabina Zulalova and Alexandra Azima Reinhard with handmade crowns; «Magic Amber Baltic Quality Assurance» was amazed with amber necklaces and bracelets, cosmetics with amber crumbs. And sewing clothes for their male audience, the finalists will be able to make in the elite boutique «RAYMOND’S INTERNATIONAL». Fashion sponsor of the «Fashion Code» project Central General Store provided clothing sets; Nina Ruchkina- handmade scarfs, and every woman’s dream- the presented clothes from designers Tatyana Tuzova, Anika Kerimova, the brand “ViQ-i-ViCKY”. The highlight of the program was the fashion show by Anika Kerimova– designer, winner of Mrs. Moscow 2015. Anika is the designer of Miss Moscow and Mrs. Moscow. Her clients are Yana Churikova, singer Irina Ortman, Evgenia Shirokikh, Victoria Shkarina, Angelina Kashirina, Anna Peskova. Also, the finalists received invitations to the closed events of the Congress Partners as presentations: LUX PRO (Monaco); vouchers at Dubai hotel; paintings by Belarusian artist Alexander Funtikov.

Street Models Show is a story told by talented make-up and hair artists, that every fashionable girl should know.

Thanks to partners: Elena Rymska, “Beautyschön by Elena Rymska”, the winner of the German Make Up Championship 2019 for excellent makeup and hairstyles; Leman Ucak for perfect make-up for members at the Street Models Show; We are grateful to Tatyana Romashova, Anastasia Polyakova, Vilena Pozidou, Sevda Dönmez – make-up artists from Munich. Veronika Galiew, a make-up artist from Neuburg an der Donau, introduced charming looks. Separately, it is worth noting Irina Koval – the master of dyeing and haircuts from Kiev and Olga Koval – make-up artist and hairstylist from Munich. Girls not only created spectacular images for models, but also took part in a beauty contest. We were glad to see a professional in the field of beauty – Svetlana Süssbauer. Perfect make-up, winner of the German Make-up Champion, organizer of courses for make-up artists from around the world; Olga Klimovich, make-up artist, hairstylist and hair dye master (Munich); Diana Gutiy – experts who contributed to the Street Models Show at Nymphenburg Castle.

Special thanks to Tatyana Soldatenko for her contribution to the organization of the International Congress. Olga Bezgans, director of the business program, Ekaterina Prade, co-organizer of the Street Models Show competition. The innovative «Weingut Meine Freiheit» winery from Rheingau kindly presented its wines to the guests of the Congress and prepared a degustation. Photo and video shooting was made through the eyes of legendary photographers: Anna Hermann Munich (Speos Photographic School in Paris); Tatjana Scheidt Ansbach, who seeks to capture emotions in the image and tell a personal story in them; Nadine Lieder Königsbrunn WEDDING | BEAUTY | FASHION; Elisawetha Kühne Augsburg, People Photographer; Alex Zhuk Munich, Master of Professional Photography; Alberto Polimeni, a professional photographer from Italy in Munich. Christian Büttner, professional portrait photographer of Augsburg; Decoration by Marina Miller.


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