The founder of the Paris Management Group REA about how to become successful in the real estate market

The founder of the Paris Management Group REA about how to become successful in the real estate market

24.09.2020 17:00

The Paris Management Group has been working in the real estate sector for more than 7 years, however got its current official brand in 2019. Today, the agency is widely known not only in France but also in the EU and CIS countries.

Togrul Aliyev is the manager of the company. The young businessman was born and lived in Azerbaijan until he took part in an exchange university program for talented students in the Paris School of Business. After graduating from the Business School in Paris, he got a Master’s degree in Economics at the Sorbonne University.

By the age of 28, the head of the Paris Management Group had already become a successful businessman. After selling 20 apartments and opening five turnkey restaurants on his own, Mr. Aliyev realized he wanted to build a real estate career.

To relax after work, the head of the agency regularly practices sports. Togrul Aliyev believes: «playing sports is very important for motivation, resetting, and wellbeing of the body».

More than 20 employees help the founder achieve high results in the real estate market. They are highly qualified specialists providing professional assistance to clients at all stages of each transaction.

Most of the properties are located in Paris, Monaco, and Côte d’Azur. However, the company has more than 10,000 objects all over France.

The Paris Management Group is one of the top-5 companies selling commercial real estate and among the top-20 companies selling residential properties.

The agency also has the largest number of clients from ex-USSR countries in France. The Paris Management Group is the only agency in Paris that provides all the opportunities for real estate buyers from the CIS countries. Customers can find their dream accommodation online. Agency employees meet clients who come to France to view objects at the airport and accompany them at all stages of a transaction. If necessary, the company continues to consult its clients even after a transaction is completed, free of charge.



The company specializes in transactions with all real estate types: apartments, houses, villas, castles, land plots, and commercial properties. The price segment is extensive: the agency offers parking spaces for $25,000 and hotels in the 16th arrondissement for $50,000,000. About 30% of all objects are exclusive mandates.

The agency provides the following services:

  • processing of a residence permit based on a ready-made business purchase;
  • transaction support;
  • assistance in choosing housing to buy and rent;
  • free consultation.

The Paris Management Group cooperates with the best international companies to constantly monitor all innovations and current events in the global real estate market. Agency employees regularly participate in forums, conferences, and exhibitions. For example, they have recently visited the  MPIRES 2020.

«The COVD-19 pandemic did not influence the French real estate market much», — says the head of the agency. Only prices for ready-made businesses rental contract dropped, while the housing cost remained the same. Mr. Togrul believes that the real estate market in France is less volatile and more resilient to crises than other fields.

The company’s work principle has slightly changed since the spread of the coronavirus. Due to closed borders, Paris Management Group employees have implemented an online way to buy real estate. The number of purchase agreements with clients from France has increased. Now, the demand among CIS residents is starting to grow.

The forecast for the next year is positive: the company expects a sharp economic recovery in March 2021.

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