«AvangardInvestProekt» is a reliable developer of comfort-class housing from Kaliningrad 2021

«AvangardInvestProekt» is a reliable developer of comfort-class housing from Kaliningrad

«AvangardInvestProekt» has been successfully designing and building construction projects in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region for over 30 years.

The main specialization of this developer is the construction of high-comfort residential complexes that meet European quality standards. The company occupies one of the leading positions in the construction market of its region, having won the trust of customers and received high marks from experts in the construction industry.

Implemented projects

The company has erected and commissioned a number of construction projects with a total area of 206 thousand square meters, which made it possible to provide housing for about 4,000 families. Among our main projects:

«Tsvetnoy Boulevard»

A unique residential complex, which includes 7 buildings in the neoclassical style. In 2018, it was recognized as the Best Regional Comfort-Class Residential Complex at the X Annual Federal «Urban Awards 2018» in the field of urban real estate.
Located 15 minutes from the center of Kaliningrad, all the necessary infrastructure is available nearby. Each apartment is distinguished by its original layouts and increased comfort: panoramic windows, cozy kitchens and living rooms, spacious dressing rooms. Their main advantage is the lack of gas in the apartments: the Swedish heating system.

«Maxim Residence»

A comfortable club house in the heart of the resort town of Svetlogorsk. Among the main advantages of the project are its proximity to the Tikhoe lake and the Baltic Sea, and its well-developed infrastructure. The architecture of the building is a combination of eclecticism and luxurious classicism where everything is thought out in detail: the apartments’ smart layouts, storage rooms in the basement, an equipped installation for collecting household waste, underground parking including guest parking, and a designer-decorated entrance lobby.


An unprecedented construction project in the center of Svetlogorsk — a quiet, ecologically clean resort town on the coast of the moderately warm Baltic Sea. The distinctive features of «RE-Premier»: a closed area under round-the-clock security, fully-equipped lounge zone on its functional roof, a winter garden with a fireplace, an arboretum, and apartment planning in accordance with European standards.

ECO-neighborhood «Russian Europe»

At present, the «AvangardInvestProekt» company has started construction of the first Residential Complex «Address of Happiness» of the ECO-neighborhood «Russian Europe» within the actively developing region of Kaliningrad. The Russian Bank DOM.RF opened project financing in the amount of 3,5 billion rubles for the developer to implement this unique project.

According to the plan, the first residential complex, «Address of Happiness» will consist of 5 buildings with a cascading number of floors — from 9 to 14. The residential complex will include 641 apartments. The total area of the object is 60,173 sq. meters. Another 4 thousand sq. meters are reserved for commercial premises, which will be located on the first floors of buildings. The new complex is designed to accommodate 2,152 people. The facility is scheduled to be put into use at the end of 2023. Currently, there is an active sale of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments with pre-finishing.

Among the distinctive features of the new construction project of the «AvangardInvestProekt» company:

  • location in an area with developed infrastructure;
  • spacious apartments with individual layouts, high ceilings, terraces, modern entrances, panoramic elevators;
  • round-the-clock security;
  • underground parking for 409 cars and guest parking spaces around the eco-neighborhood;
  • total area of playgrounds for children — 852 sq. m; sport grounds — 1940 sq. m;
  • A network of two-way bicycle paths with a passage width of 2,5 km, and a length of 3 km.;
  • An arboretum is being designed between the residential complexes in the «Botanical Garden» concept.

Construction of facilities as design for a better future

The main mission of the «AvangardInvestProekt» company is the development of social infrastructure in the Kaliningrad region. The developer does not just build houses, but erects multifunctional complexes where you can satisfactorily live, relax and grow. By forming a society, the company is designing a future in which Kaliningraders will have the opportunity to live in comfortable apartments with all the necessary infrastructure within walking distance.

The developer actively continues to follow its strategy during the construction of the new ECO-neighborhood «Russian Europe». On its territory, all socially significant objects will be built: a children’s clinic, a kindergarten, a school, universal sports grounds for active sports and entertainment zones. Thus, the «AvangardInvestProekt» company strives to create the most comfortable environment that will not lose its relevance for decades.

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