Commercial 7 804 m² in Minsk, Belarus

Belarus, Minsk, Schomyslickiy s s 43
€ 11,122,572
Updated at: 05.02.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Minsk Region
City: Minsk
Address: Schomyslickiy s s 43

Building parameters

The year of construction: 2014
Number of floors: 3

Property Parametres

Total area: 7 804 m²
Investment params
VAT: is included in the price


Shopping and warehouse complex s / s Shchomyshtsky, 43, district d. Dvoritskaya Sloboda Total area: 7 803.9 m2 7 638 m2 - a specialized retail building 131.3 m2 - building of specialized utilities 34.6 m2 - construction of specialized energy Land: 2.6958 ha (rental right) The buyer does not pay for the services of a real estate organization! The first and largest furniture center in Belarus, located on MKAD. Consumer Recognition Prize Winner & laquo; People's Mark 2017 & raquo ;, & laquo; National brand 2018 & raquo; and & nbsp; & laquo; National brand 2019 & raquo; in the & laquo; Furniture Shopping Center & raquo ;. 1st and basement levels of 5 147.6 m2, of which : 3 852.5 m2 - openspace trading room and pavilions with bathrooms and utility rooms ; 1 239.8 m2 - a warehouse, office group with bathrooms and utility rooms; 55.3 m2 - storage areas of the basement 2nd level with an area of 2 191.5 m2, of which : 700 m2 tentatively occupies a grocery supermarket ; 948.2 m2 consists of 7 trading pavilions of 63 m2, a gallery, vestibules ; 126 m2 - cafe with food production. 417.3 m2 - an office group (located on the 2nd floor with a separate entrance from the street and consists of 5 & nbsp; cabinets with s / y and showers in 2 rooms). Boiler, vent camera, transformer, electrical panel with a total area of 437.6 m2 & bull; Variable net height of retail space from 3.1 to 8 m. and storage - from 2.7 to 4.2 m. & bull; Centralized lighting of retail premises (at least 800 lux / m2) and adjacent & nbsp; territory. & bull; Power supply from your own transformer substation. Any load inside & nbsp; rooms is possible. & bull; Modern ventilation and air conditioning system with air recovery system and & nbsp; CO2 control. & bull; Centralized water supply and sewage. & bull; Heating from your own boiler room (any heat load, including.h. via hot & nbsp; water supply). & bull; 360 m / m inbound flat parking. Two entrances from the city. & bull; High specialized traffic: more than 540,000 visitors per year (sensors installed). Near & nbsp; there are large new buildings and residential areas of Minsk (densely populated Moscow district). & bull; Favorable neighborhood: within walking distance are & laquo; Building & raquo; and & laquo; Automobile & raquo; & nbsp; markets, shopping center & laquo; DiamondCity & raquo; (& laquo; Mile & raquo ;, & laquo; Hipo. See details. on SITE & nbsp; , & nbsp ; Short number (MTS, A1, Life): 7-800


Belarus, Minsk, Schomyslickiy s s 43
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