Residential properties for sale in Paphos, Cyprus

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Paphos is one of the mainstream Mediterranean resorts. The city is situated in the south-west of Cyprus; it is rich in natural and architectural sights. The island coastline consists of sandy and stony beaches followed by rocky cliffs. The most famous and beautiful beach of Paphos is located in the Coral Bay.

Tourists praise Paphos for its mild climate. The air temperature here seldom goes under 10 °C. In summer the city heats up to 35°C – 38°C. When planning a holiday it’s better to pay attention to the wet season: in the Mediterranean the precipitation amount typically grows in winter — from November till March. In summer rain is very rare.

The property demand in Paphos has been growing from year to year. The seaside city attracts foreigners with its high living standards, low crime rates and natural beauty. Prices for Paphos apartments start from around €79,000; one can buy a house for about €112,000. Property is sold both in modern and ancient city quarters. By the way, secondary property is cheaper than housing in new buildings. Property at Paphos is especially popular with the English, and the number of buyers from Russia has significantly risen during past few years.

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