An apartment in Putilkovo or a house in Cyprus? We looked at what you can buy at the price of cheap real estate in the Moscow region 2021

An apartment in Putilkovo or a house in Cyprus? We looked at what you can buy at the price of cheap real estate in the Moscow region

23.12.2021 15:00
Author: Marina Kremer

According to analytical centers, the cost per square meter in Russia has grown by almost 30% over the past year, and it continues to grow even now. December, as it always happens, is a rather active month in the real estate market, and therefore one should not expect a fall in prices or even a stop in their growth. Against the background of the high prices for Moscow real estate, one of journalists decided to see what properties in popular investment countries can be bought for the price of a one-room apartment in the Moscow region. 

An apartment in Putilkovo for € 72,329

For comparison, we took a small studio apartment in Putilkovo for a little over € 72,000. In the past, Putilkovo was a village in the nearest suburbs of Moscow, but as time goes on, the capital is growing, gradually absorbing more and more small settlements. Now Putilkovo is one of the residential areas in the north-west of Moscow. One of the «strengths» of this place is its relatively good ecological situation: the area is located in close proximity to a forest and several parks at once, there is even a river nearby, in which it is officially allowed to swim. The bright picture is disturbed only by the proximity to the Moscow Ring Road, however, here, according to realtors, the situation is evened out by the nearby business complexes and the Greenwood shopping park. 

Reviews about this area on various resources are contradictory: some really like the proximity to the forest and the opportunity to have a picnic at any time, while others complain about the lack of consumer service points or small shops within walking distance. However, all the reviews agree on one thing: a difficult situation has developed in this area regarding transport accessibility to Moscow. Due to the fact that the roads were not foreseen for such a dense flow of cars, during rush hour traffic jams occur at almost every node, and, according to local residents, the road to the office takes at least 40-60 minutes. Another related problem is the lack of sufficient parking spaces. On the plus side, there are enough schools and kindergartens, as well as a new clinic.

Now let’s take a closer look at the apartment itself. This is a 24.5 square meter studio located on the ninth floor of a 25-storey building. On the photographs, the apartment looks bright and cozy, it can be seen that a renovation was recently finished. According to the seller, the renovation was done for their mother. Another advantage is mentioned: the apartment has a «good aura».

The living room has a small kitchen set (equipped with a washing machine), directly opposite which there are two large windows. The interior design is executed in calm, light colors. As is often the case in studios, the bathroom is combined.

An apartment in Spain for € 68,900

An apartment with a total area of 87 sq. m. The building in which the apartment is located can really boast of its location: on the one hand, literally 120 meters from the entrance is the Mediterranean beach, and on the other — the Torrevieja lagoon. That is really an ideal place for walks and quality relaxation.

Another advantage of this particular property is that the apartment has its own patio. The apartment is located on the ground floor of the building and consists of two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchenette, and a bathroom. The apartment has been renovated, and it is sold with all necessary household appliances and furniture. The interior is truly sunny and moderately bright. 

The seller emphasizes that this option is suitable for both permanent residence and rental.

An apartment in Turkey for € 62,000

In the very popular Turkish city of Alanya, buying an apartment for € 60,000 — € 70,000 is not difficult: there are many options in the database. For this text, we have selected two-room apartments with a total area of 75 sq. m. which are located in Mahmutlar. 

The residential complex in which this apartment is located is a twelve-storey building located in a closed area just 500 meters away from the sea. According to the seller, this is the ideal location for residential real estate: a quiet and relatively calm area that has all the necessary shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, clinics, and bus stops. 

The complex has both an adult and a children’s pool, while the house has a lobby and a reception with a concierge, a fitness room, a sauna and a hammam, as well as a playroom for children.

This apartment is located on the second floor and stands out because of its welcoming open plan and spacious living room. The apartment has been renovated in universal gray-beige colors. The property is sold furnished and equipped.

A penthouse in Cyprus for € 60,372

There are also quite a few options for apartments worth up to € 70,000 in Cyprus: here you can find housing on the first coastline, apartments in the city center, and houses somewhere on the outskirts. However, for this selection, we have chosen a penthouse for € 60,372 with stunning sea views. 

When describing the property, the seller is as laconic as possible. We know from the announcement that the apartment is located in Lapithos town, in the northern part of the island. The total area of the apartment is 70 square meters and it consists of two bedrooms and a living room. Renovations have been made, and therefore the buyer will be able to move in immediately after purchase. 

The main advantage of this property is its terrace, which offers a very beautiful view of the sea and mountains. Perhaps, even if only for the sake of this view, this option is worth considering. 

A townhouse in Greece for € 65,000

Finally, we decided to head down to Greece. There are also a lot of options for properties worth up to € 70,000: all of them can be viewed in the database. Apart from apartments or flats (or even penthouses), townhouses are actively sold here. For example, for € 65,000, you can buy a 90-square-meter townhouse located on the Kassandra peninsula (in the Halkidiki region). 

The main and indisputable advantage of this option is the view that opens from the windows. The owner will be able to enjoy the view of the hilly area, the edges of which are washed by the sea, every day. 

The townhouse consists of two levels: on the first floor, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom; on the second, there is a living room, a kitchen, and another bathroom. The house also has a fireplace. The property is fully furnished and ready to move in.

And you can find even more of the most diverse properties all over the world in the database.

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