Commercial in Vulka Zastauskaja, Belarus

Brest District, Vulka Zastauskaja, Belarus, Kamenica-Zhiroveckaya
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Updated at: 01.04.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Brest Region
Town: Brest District
Village: Vulka Zastauskaja
Address: Kamenica-Zhiroveckaya

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Land with an area of 0.5001 hectares with a production building on it with a total area of 105.2 square meters in the Brest district ( rn d. Kamenitsa - Zhirovetskaya ). Communication: electricity - 220,380 watts. Water supply and wastewater near the site. The property was made available to the owner until September 21, 2114 ( for long-term rental ) for the maintenance of buildings. All options are taken into account. See more Trade is always possible - call! We are ready to help you sell your property to buy this property. Consider the exchange. Here you will find further options - today more than 3000 on our website.


Brest District, Vulka Zastauskaja, Belarus, Kamenica-Zhiroveckaya