Республика Беларусь, 220114, г. Минск, пр-т Независимости, Д. 165А, офис 15
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Company Type
Real estate agency
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Expert is a professional real estate agency that provides real estate services in sale transactions, purchasing and exchanging of housing in Minsk and the nearest suburbs. If you want to sell, buy or exchange your apartment, cottage or house — call us!

The staff of the Expert Real Estate Agency has many years of professional experience in managing the most complex real estate transactions. We guarantee the legality of each transaction conducted with our help and insure our liability under a contract for the provision of real estate services in the amount of 245,000 denominated rubles.

Our real estate agency builds its relationships with clients on the principles of mutual respect and trust.

13 years in the real estate market of the Republic of Belarus.

An agency created to solve our customers problems, working solely on the basis of customer needs. You want — we achieve. Our goal is to reach the harmony of your thoughts in our performance. A person can master many aspects of life on their own, many things can be decided on their own, without asking for help of specialists in a particular field, including buying or selling a property.

Wedo not argue with that. But we offer to look at the process of real estate transactions from a practicalpoint of view. Freeing yourself from the routine processes of buying and selling a property, and trusting us, professionals, to manage them, you free yourself for your main job, devote yourself to your family and friends, get some time for relaxation and carefree dreaming.

"Our agency “Harmony of Real Estate” is ready to assist you in solving any matters related real estate by offering you a wide range of services for the sale of apartments in Minsk and other neighbouring towns, the purchase of countryside and commercial real estate, land plots and summer cottages. If you do care about your time, nerves and money, then you may avail of the real professionals’ services! Moreover, if you wish to buy real estate but value every minute of your life, then you can entrust the selection of favorable properties to our experienced real estate agents who, within the required timing, will find you the appropriate option. "