Центр недвижимости «ПАКОДАН»

Центр недвижимости «ПАКОДАН» - About company

601 properties 36 commercial properties

Company description

PAKODAN company has branches all over Minsk and the regions of the country. Choosing our company, our clients receive a comprehensive service pack of all the real estate transactions:

  • Apartment purchase/sale;
  • Houses and territories, including prime ones;
  • Commercial estate;
  • Shared-equity construction.

A wide range of PAKODAN company’s services comes from a highly qualified team and its experience in various construction fields. We take care of our reputation that’s based on professionalism, affordable services, and profound technical support.

  • Purchase and sale of apartments, rooms;
  • Purchase and sale of cottages, houses, plots;
  • Sale of commercial real estate;
  • New buildings, shared construction;
  • Real estate valuation;
  • Commercial real estate for rent.