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Belarus, ул. Леонида Беды, д. 8 оф. 8 Н, 220040, Минск
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Company Type
Real estate agency
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PAKODAN company has branches all over Minsk and the regions of the country. Choosing our company, our clients receive a comprehensive service pack of all the real estate transactions:

  • Apartment purchase/sale;
  • Houses and territories, including prime ones;
  • Commercial estate;
  • Shared-equity construction.

A wide range of PAKODAN company’s services comes from a highly qualified team and its experience in various construction fields. We take care of our reputation that’s based on professionalism, affordable services, and profound technical support.

  • Purchase and sale of apartments, rooms;
  • Purchase and sale of cottages, houses, plots;
  • Sale of commercial real estate;
  • New buildings, shared construction;
  • Real estate valuation;
  • Commercial real estate for rent.
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Sotni metrov (Hundreds of meters) is a client-oriented company. For us, the legality of our transactions, the security of our settlements, and the convenience and comfort of our clients are equally important. We provide services in the secondary and primary housing markets. Apartments, houses, summer cottages - we will help you fulfill all of your goals. Commercial real estate (for sale and rent) is also included in the range of services we provide. Our agents and realtors are highly experienced within the real estate sphere and they will provide their service professionally, efficiently, and as quickly as possible. Hundreds of meters: Comfort and safety in every meter.

OOO Your Maentak was established in November 2016 and during this time has already become a home for its professional realtors and real estate agents. The company's management has more than 10 years of real estate experience. Although the company is still young, only certified realtors and real estate agents with considerable life and professional experience form the team. We are working to make your dream of an ideal home come true, and we have everything needed to make it happen as soon as possible. Our main advantage is that a well-coordinated and friendly team of an agent, realtor, photographer, marketer, and a manager will always find an individual approach to each client’s situation. Maentak is a domain, a mansion, and, in a broad sense, a house. It is only up to you to decide what your future house will be like: a cosy family home or a comfortable space for work, leisure, and noisy parties.
"Our agency “Harmony of Real Estate” is ready to assist you in solving any matters related real estate by offering you a wide range of services for the sale of apartments in Minsk and other neighbouring towns, the purchase of countryside and commercial real estate, land plots and summer cottages. If you do care about your time, nerves and money, then you may avail of the real professionals’ services! Moreover, if you wish to buy real estate but value every minute of your life, then you can entrust the selection of favorable properties to our experienced real estate agents who, within the required timing, will find you the appropriate option. "
13 years in the real estate market of the Republic of Belarus.

The mission of the company «Partner for all»: The company’s commitment to the highest quality and complete solution of the complex of services in the real estate sector, which leads to the development of the company itself and an increase in the number of partners who are confident in our reliability. «Highlight» of the company: Our company operates in all areas and provides a full range of services in the real estate sector.