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Apartments for sale in Barcelona, Spain

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Apartments in Barcelona: options, prices, rental

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, Barcelona that boasts cultural monuments undoubtedly deserves the first place. This makes local apartments very attractive for both foreigners and Spanish citizens.

What is the average price of an apartment in Barcelona?

There are different types of property:

  • studio apartments;
  • 2-3-room duplex houses;
  • 3-4-room apartments;
  • apartments;
  • penthouses.

Property prices depend on the type of real estate and square footage. For example, a small 34-50 sq. m studio apartment costs €105,000-115,000, while a duplex house will be about €295,000-350,000. A 3-room apartment can sum up to €138,000-380,000, it all depends on the property area. Apartment prices in Barcelona start from €180,000-200,000. The cheapest penthouse is worth €400,000 but also, there are options for €3,6 million.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in Barcelona cheaper than €50,000?

In contrast to less popular Spanish cities, apartments in Barcelona worth less than €100,000 are extremely rare. There are almost no sale offers of tiny apartments for even €50,000. Such real estate prices are due to its quality, high demand, and earning opportunities.

How profitable is it to buy apartments in Barcelona to rent them out?

Barcelona is not only a tourist center with almost 7 million guests a year but also a metropolis, where many people from all the country regions come to study and work. The latter circumstance is the reason for a huge demand for long-term (1 year or more) home rental. It is possible to make a profit of 5-7% per annum, and an average recoup period is 12-15 years.