«Where in the world can you buy an apartment for € 30,000? We found 6 options around the globe 2021

«Where in the world can you buy an apartment for € 30,000? We found 6 options around the globe

Real estate for € 30,000 always implies some kind of compromise: renovation state, location, surface area, etc. But in any case, these are properties that can be considered both as investments and as places to live — the main question is finding the right option for you. Architect Anton Garustovich found 6 apartments in different parts of the world on the Realting.com platform that can be bought for € 30,000 or less (there are also cheaper options). Would you live in such a place?

An apartment in Sicily for € 30,000

The first country to which Anton Garustovich directed his attention was Italy. According to him, certain regions of this country are ideal for taking a sabbatical — a long vacation to combat burnout at work. However, there are also some «„pitfalls“» where real estate for 1 euro turns into the sinking of several hundred thousand, as most of these properties require restoration works.

Sicily, Italy
€ 30,000
2 bath

— Italy is a beautiful sunny country that invites you to rest and lead a moderate lifestyle. I immediately began looking for real estate worth up to € 30,000 in Sicily, as that is where you can move from any country to take a year-long sabbatical.

You need to understand that the north and south of Italy are practically different countries. The north houses more «„civilized“» regions like Milan or Rome, whilst the south is, in the best sense, a vacation with your grandmother in her village. And Sicillia is a completely separate island with its own history, specifics, and its own «„rules of the game“» in the real estate industry.

— I would consider an apartment in this region for seaside vacations in the summer. Such housing is especially suitable for those who want to take a break from work and from communicating with people. There are practically no hangout spots here, but the nature is stunning and you will be able to get to the coast as fast as possible.

— What you get for your money is actually crystal clear in this case — these are unique emotions that you can’t find anywhere else, as the place is incredibly beautiful.

An apartment in Turin for € 35,000

— In order to show the other side of Italy, I found an advertisement for the sale of an apartment in Turin. Turin is a city in the north of the country, the third largest in Italy. The tourism sector is very developed there, but in addition to this, industry is also quite prominent. In Turin, for example, there is a Fiat factory.

Finding a more or less good apartment in the ballpark of € 30,000 is quite difficult up there, so the sale of a two-room apartment for € 35,000 is quite a unique case. And another interesting fact is that this apartment will be good both for renting out or living in it yourself.

— Turin is a rich region where there are many job opportunities, numerous high scale villages where Europeans vacation. Plus it is an industrial city with a good income level. You can buy an apartment and then look for a job or a place to study in the city. By the way, there are 15 universities in Turin, including, for example, the Institute of Design, the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and the city’s Polytechnic Institute (one of the most prestigious in Europe).

An apartment in Montenegro for € 32,000

— I would consider Montenegro for investments, if only because in just 4 years this country will enter the European Union. There are two main cities in this country where I would consider buying real estate: Budva and Bar. And I’m even surprised that I was able to find apartments for about € 30,000.

— An apartment with an area of only 19 square meters is for sale in Budva. However, this property has one big advantage — the building is located right on the coast. Here is where all of the city’s party life happens: there are bars, restaurants, clubs and discos.

In addition, I would also consider Montenegro because it opens a lot of interesting possibilities: it’s not far from Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and even Italy (across the Adriatic Sea).

— There is a fairly large Russian-speaking community in Montenegro, so it will not be difficult to join the life of this country. Relocating will not be a problem, provided that you have a remote job, as it is quite difficult for a foreigner to find a job in Budva.

If you don’t want to live in Budva yourself, then this particular apartment can be bought to rent out later. Finding tenants, in my opinion, will not be difficult.

Room in an apartment in Lithuania for € 25,000

— Recently, Lithuania and Latvia have become very popular destinations for relocation. These countries are becoming a kind of «„hub“» for the Russian-speaking population.

— Vilnius has now become one of the main business centers in Europe, where many offices of international companies are located. Lithuanians are now intensively developing infrastructure for business, building business centers, opening office spaces. That is why, by buying real estate in Lithuania now, you will practically open a «window to Europe».

— Such a rapid development of the situation, of course, was reflected in the cost of a square meter in the Lithuanian real estate market. I found an interesting offer for € 25,000, but this is not an apartment: it’s just a room with an area of 12.8 sq. m. in a three-room apartment. It isn’t furnished, but it has undergone cosmetic repairs. The building is located near the city center.

Such a purchase is a profitable investment, in my opinion, because the cost of this apartment will grow and then the room can be sold at least for the same money (and maybe more).

An apartment in Latvia for € 32,000 

Riga, Latvia
€ 33,000
1 Rooms 20 m² 3/3 Floor

— A very nice apartment is for sale in the capital of Latvia for € 33,000, and this is advantageous for other kinds of business: the maritime industry, logistics and tourism are relevant here. And you don’t even need to have a remote job — it will be possible to find a job on the spot, as Riga is some kind of a «staging post» on the way to Sweden and the entire Baltic Sea.

I have quite a few business acquaintances who live in Latvia and consider this country the best place to live.

— This apartment has been excellently renovated, it is completely ready to move in. Despite the fact that the house is located in close proximity to the city center, there are also several rivers nearby, which means you will have the opportunity to take a scenic walk after work. 

In general, Riga is a very beautiful city with unique architecture. If you are interested in European culture, nobility and regularity, then you definitely need to go to Lithuania. 

An apartment in Georgia for € 21,471

— Georgia is the discovery of the year. A lot of specialists from different fields who have the opportunity to work remotely have moved to Tbilisi for permanent residence. A pleasant climate, relatively low prices, stunning nature — this is why they go to Georgia.

— You can buy a new apartment for € 21,471 on the Batumi coast. This is an excellent option for investment, as Batumi resorts are very popular now, and this trend, I think, will continue for the next 5-10 years.

Now housing in Georgia is being built at a frantic pace, and real estate pops up in whole complexes. This is convenient because there is an opportunity to buy new properties on a turnkey basis: with renovations or their organization included, with beautiful adjoining territories and underground parking lots. If you want, the developers will even provide support for the property — they will make repairs, furnish them (as much as leftover money allows), advertise the property and find tenants for it.

You can find a property for € 30,000 in almost any country in the world. If you clearly understand your purpose when buying an apartment or a house, then you will be able to find the desired property on the Realting.com platform in a matter of days.

— As a result, you can radically change your life by simply buying an apartment and becoming a European.

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