Despite the prosperity of scientific and technological progress and the almost daily appearance of new and high-tech innovations, superstition and fatalism are still present in our lives in one way or another. Of course, there are a number of superstitions and customs for moving to a new home — a lot of beliefs hovers around it, in which many do not interfere with robotization, flights to space, and nanotechnology. Because the wisdom of the people has millennia of experience. And if you are planning to move, but you doubt which date to choose, then study the lunar calendar for the move for 2023 and 2024.

What to do when moving out

Find out what signs of fate can affect the success of moving to a new home, how you can attract luck or vice versa, to bring on yourself trouble, breaking the laws of being established by folklore.

Bad omen

Good omens are waiting for you for dessert. First, it is useful to find out what folk connoisseurs do not advise.

You better do not:

  • bathe and wash your head before moving;
  • drop the keys when leaving the «old» house;
  • hear the cry of the owl or the raven on the day of the move out
  • Forget at the old place any things and come back for them.
  • In order not to risk, we advise to go around all the rooms and check if you left anything for the last time. In the old days, people believed that because of the things left in the old dwelling the villains can cause damage to the newcomers.

It is also a bad sign if the first passerby on the way to move to a new apartment, house or office turns out to be a woman. Interestingly, it is possible to avert failure in this case - it is enough purely symbolically to whip the lady with a twig. It is believed that the first person you meet on the way to a new place should be a man, it is good luck.

Good signs

If the day of moving is rainy or snowy, it is for happiness, wealth and well-being. Special luck awaits newcomers, if at the same time there is a rainbow. They say that the precipitation washes away the negative, leaving room for good changes. Well, the rainbow was always a good sign.

Despite the mark with a twig from the previous block, they say meeting a pregnant woman, a dog or a beggar when you move - it is a good sign. Yes, sometimes superstitions can contradict others.

According to the belief, in order to make moving successful and fill a new life with good events, you need to:

  • say goodbye to the old dwelling, thanking him from the heart;
  • clean all the rooms of the house/apartment/office from which you are leaving, as well as the stairwell or the threshold, if the house is private;
  • bake a cake for the good of the past, and it should be what your life was in the old place - if happy, bake sweet, if there were many difficulties, bake salty. The pie should be eaten in both cases - it is believed that the first you leave problems in the past, the second - take with you all the good.

How to take a brownie with you

There are two ways to take a brownie with you when you move. The first is to sweep the house on the eve of the move and put a broom in a prominent place (it is believed that the brownie will sit on it and so get with you to the new house). Some sources say it is very important to take this broom with you later. It is believed that you are thus taking away the protector of your home, the spirit of the house. However, it should be taken into account that you need to pick up the old broom only if you move to a new home, where no one lived before you. If it is an apartment or a house where someone has already lived, then you do not need to take the broom — there will be its own home spirit, and you just need to befriend him.

The second way to take a brownie with you is to fold in a small box beautiful trinkets, food and pillows and leave it in the center of an empty room when all the things are taken out of the old dwelling. Then you need to go out for a while, come back and explain to the housekeeper out loud that you want to take him with you. And when he arrives, we should pour him milk and treat him with sweets, welcoming him to a new place.

It is best to transport a brownie on Monday or Saturday. The reason is unknown, but the day and time of moving matter.

Folk wisdom says: it is best to move on Tuesday or Saturday (on Saturday you can immediately take a brownie with you). It is believed that on this day the event will take place most smoothly and will change your life for the better.

According to the Orthodox calendar, the most successful day of the year for moving to new housing is September 14, Semenov day, and the best time for this event is autumn (probably because Semenov day comes in autumn). If you focus on the lunar calendar, plan «day X» on the growing moon and you will not miss it. But do not move on the full moon or the days of the eclipse, these periods for this are not favorable.

If we talk about time, it is preferable to move in the morning. In the evening it is better not to do this.

Lunar calendar for moving in 2023 and 2024

When moving, many are guided by the lunar calendar. It is believed that it is undesirable to move on the days of new moons, full moons, lunar and solar eclipses.

Lunar calendar for 2023

Lunar calendar for 2024

What to do in a new place

The oldest member of the family should enter the new house first. Other beliefs claim that the first who gets in the new home should be the cat in order to ward off the impure force and negative energy. At the same time, the place in which the pet will lie down for the first time is considered bad — it is not advisable to put a refrigerator, baby bed or TV there, you need to put a plant that will take the negative on itself in this area.

The new dwelling must be cleaned of potentially dangerous energy streams before moving into it. Most often superstitious people use the power of live fire. These can be both consecrated and ordinary purchased candles. Also it helps to branch the beast. Light a branch or candle and bypass all rooms, starting the route from the corridor at the entrance door. It is good to say a prayer or simply mentally expel all negativity.

A few more beliefs about the actions in the new place:

  • After entering a new home for the first time, all family members should throw a coin over the threshold, or rather a few, or step over it with the most expensive thing they own, so the family will attract prosperity.
  • On arrival, open all windows and taps with water, turn on all the lights or light candles, put the kettle on and set the table — so you will clean the new dwelling with the help of elements of fire and water.
  • Did you find broken dishes in the boxes? Throw away immediately, so as not to cause trouble.
  • If something creaks in a new house, grease/replace the source of noise (floorboards, windows, doors, cabinets) to avoid failure.

In the distant past, when moving, people also lubricated the corners of a new home with honey to make life in it happy and sweet.

When and how to celebrate a housewarming

A separate item on the move is a celebration of housewarming. The popular wisdom says that celebration should be really huge, having invited not only relatives, but also friends. You can not spare money for treats and serving, because the first feast in the new home symbolizes, according to belief, the rest of your life in it. According to the belief, the more food and treats on the housewarming, the more affluent households will live. At the same time, it is advisable to fill all objects that you have: dishes, aquariums, vases — as a symbol of a long and happy life.

It is best to celebrate a housewarming on the first weekend after the move. It is important that guests cross the threshold not with empty hands. At the same time, it is important that the owners necessarily take all the gifts from the guests, and it is especially good if it is home utensils, dishes, household appliances or interior items. In this case, bed linen or any sharp objects (such as a set of knives) is considered not a very good gift for housewarming.

If someone does not bring anything with him, he should throw a few coins over the threshold and wish the house wellness.

Another good omen is to invite many children to the housewarming party and think about their entertainment in advance. It’s no secret that children’s laughter at a party is always good. And those people that are unpleasant to you, do not need to be invited — even if they are relatives.

Friends at a table in the backyard

Moving signs, concerning cars

Bad signs

When moving, many people carry things in their own cars. With vehicles in this context there is also a lot to take into account. Among bad:

  • You can not count money in the car — it is considered to be an unpleasant meeting with traffic police and fines.
  • A black dog or hare running across the road while a car loaded with things — a trouble in the near future. If you meet a rabbit, you need to slow down, get out of the car and bypass it three times clockwise praying. It’s supposed to be the only way to avert misfortune.

Good signs

Not a lot of accidents are considered good when moving by car. One of them is to meet on the way to the new house a car with the same numbers (only the numbers count, letters do not matter). It is interesting that the more expensive such a twin car, the more luck this meeting promises. But it’s bad luck if this car is in a bad condition.

Of course, this article does not list all, but only the most popular and well-known folk superstitions and rites, one way or another associated with moving and housewarming. In fact, there are many more. But no matter how much you take and believe on this subject you know, the main thing is not to dwell on the negative and look to the future confidently, with a firm belief in the best. And then the move will be successful and bring only good changes.