Greece plans to create Digital Nomad Visas this summer 2021

Greece plans to create Digital Nomad Visas this summer

05.07.2021 18:00

In Greece, digital nomads will be able to apply for visas as early as this summer. The Ministry of Migration is now actively developing a corresponding bill.

The Greek authorities seem to have taken this step after studies had shown that the country lags behind other states in terms of attracting remote workers. Greece was ranked 50th out of possible 85.

Experts predict that the number of digital nomads on the entire planet will have reached 1 billion people by 2035. At that rate, if Greece manages to attract about 100 thousand remote workers annually (those who do not leave the country for at least six months), its net annual revenue will be $1.3 billion. According to a recent report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, such profits would be comparable to the monetary infusion from 2.5 million tourists arriving for just a week .

The visas to be issued will be targeted primarily at digital nomads coming from Great Britain. The Greek government assumes that the country’s exit from the European Union will lead to a large number of professionals in the labour market, who will be looking for job opportunities in other countries. Visas for British digital nomads will be issued with an initial term twice as long as for citizens from other states.

Apart from Greece, remote workers can live in the following locations:

  • One of the Caribbean islands is planning to issue visas to remote workers for 6 months.
  • In Albania, a residence permit is provided not only for digital nomads but also for retirees.
  • Mauritius will offer one-year visas for tourists and remote workers.
  • Barbados is also planning to issue work visas designed for digital nomads.
  • In Estonia you can already obtain special visas for foreigners working remotely.
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