Land 141 013 m² in Vasztely, Hungary

Vasztely, Hungary, Fejér, Bicskei jaras, Csabdi, Koeves-hegy
€ 102,004
Updated at: 07.09.2022


Country: Hungary
Region: Transdanubia
City: Fejér
Village: Vasztely
Address: Köves-hegy

Apartment parameters

Total area: 141 013 m²


For possession suitable area! In Csabdi border, from Budapest it M along 1 motorway 36 km, it 14,1 ha-os ploughman, pasture we offer an area for sale. The area, for a riding centre suitable, 1,5 %-a constructible, panoramic hillside, the electricity following a development solvable. In as much the offer interests it, please call in, or let him write I am at his service!


Vasztely, Hungary, Fejér, Bicskei jaras, Csabdi, Koeves-hegy
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