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Belarus, ул. Скрыганова 6, офис 2401, 220073 Минск
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Company type
Real estate agency
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Dianest Group is one of the leaders in the real estate market. More than 19 years, we attract customers with an impeccable reputation and high-quality standards. All our employees are experts in the market who help clients to solve housing issues. We efficiently and quickly provide a full range of real estate services with an individual approach to each client. We adhere to professional integrity, strive to find common ground with clients, constantly improve our skills, which improves the quality of our services and creates an estimable reputation of the agency.
A profitable sale-purchase-exchange of your real estate; Comprehensive legal advice; Loan support; Transaction compliance, no risks or litigation
Commercial properties
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PAKODAN company has branches all over Minsk and the regions of the country. Choosing our company, our clients receive a comprehensive service pack of all the real estate transactions:

Apartment purchase/sale; Houses and territories, including prime ones; Commercial estate; Shared-equity construction.

A wide range of PAKODAN company’s services comes from a highly qualified team and its experience in various construction fields. We take care of our reputation that’s based on professionalism, affordable services, and profound technical support.

Регистрация недвижимости через Агентство Недвижимости “Академ-недвижимость” освободит вас от вопроса оспаривания сделки. Выбранная вами квартира будет проверяться буквально со дня первого заселения в дом, даже если это заселение произошло во времена Холодной войны. Только у нас, прежде чем купить квартиру в Минске, вы можете получить письменное юридическое заключение по результатам экспертизы приобретаемой вами недвижимости. Квартира будет проверена на отсутствие долгов по коммунальным и другим алиментным платежам. Состояние имущества будет точно таким, как вы когда-то договорились. Продажа недвижимости через Агентство Недвижимости “Академия-недвижимость” - это всегда быстро и удобно.

The real estate agency «Garant Real Estate» LLC is one of the largest real estate agencies in Minsk. Every day, our specialists help people find profitable and safe solutions to all problems related to the sale, purchase, and rental of real estate.

The real estate agency Molnar was founded with a single goal - to make all available real estate transactions professionally, efficiently and maximally transparent for the client. Real estate of Belarus is the main area of ​​our activities, but the field of our interests is much wider. We are open to change and in the near future we plan to further expand the range of provided services. Every opportunity is important to the real estate agency Molnar – to have a name of a serious and reliable assistant in solving housing matters of all our Clients.

We see our mission in providing all clients with the highest quality real estate services with reliability that no other company can provide, in enhancing the image of a real estate agency as an open, honest, highly professional broker in real estate transactions at any stage: from consulting to conducting transactions.

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You have questions?
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Yusuf<br> Makka
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Konstantin<br> Dvorak
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