Property for sale in Finestrat, Spain

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Real estate in Finestrat: residential and commercial properties in a cozy Spanish town

Finestrat is a small but very cozy Spanish town located on the coast of the famous Costa Blanca. It is known to foreign tourists for its clean beach areas and an abundance of park areas. Since the town itself is located at the foot of the mountains, there is practically no wind here, and the temperature, even in winter, rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

As for the real estate market in Finestrat, it does not stand still. Residential and commercial properties are regularly put up for sale here. They are of great interest to foreign investors.

Real estate for sale in Finestrat, Spain. What can you find?

Most of the offers are villas and private houses. They are characterized by a high degree of comfort, offering buyers multiple bedrooms, swimming pools and large plots of land. Such housing in Finestrat can be located both near the sea and at a short distance from it.

Elite apartments are presented mainly in the central parts of the city. These are often spacious apartments in three to five-storey buildings, equipped with a terrace, balcony and an air conditioning system. Commercial real estate is also offered in abundance: bars, restaurants, hostels, hotels. Many of these properties are sold with established businesses, allowing new owners to immediately receive a stable income.

Who should buy a property in Finestrat?

Different categories of buyers can consider purchasing local housing:

  1. Families with children. Buying property in a Spanish resort will allow you to raise your children in an environmentally friendly and supportive environment.
  2. Lovers of outdoor activities. There are many options to keep you busy in the city, including diving, snorkeling and yachting.
  3. People who value peace and quiet. Finestrat has significantly fewer tourists than other resorts in Spain.
  4. Businessmen. Renting out a home or opening your own hotel will help you achieve high profits.

Property values in Finestrat

Accommodation in this resort is almost 2 times cheaper than in neighboring Benidorm. For example, an elite villa can be bought at a price of 1500-2000 euros per square meter. Apartments in multi-storey buildings in the center are sold at the same price. A square meter of commercial real estate can be more expensive if it is located in a high-traffic area and well-equipped technically.