Residential properties for sale in Estepona, Spain

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How much does real estate in Estepona cost on average?

Here prices for local houses and apartments are the most affordable in Spain. For example, compared to neighboring Marbella, property in Estepona is almost twice cheaper. A price tag here ranges from €1,000-1,500 per square meter.

However, high-end real estate in Estepona is more expensive. The cost of such property can reach €3,000-4,000 per square meter. There are a lot of villas and private homes at this price.

What are the most popular residential areas in Estepona?

When purchasing local property, it is very important to consider the location. Costalita, El Paraiso, and Bel Air are the most preferable districts to buy apartments and houses in Estepona. These prestigious areas have several advantages:

  • proximity to the beach;
  • good ecology due to tropical gardens;
  • developed infrastructure.

Is it profitable to buy real estate in Estepona to rent out?

As in other Spanish cities, local property makes a good profit. In Estepona, purchased real estate can be income-bearing to rent out to tourists. This business can bring €10,000-100,000 per year, depending on the type of an object.

Private houses in Estepona with a swimming pool are in great demand among tenants. Such accommodation is the most gainful. As well as luxury apartments with direct access to the sea. This kind of property is in demand throughout the tourist season.

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