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Benahavis: a millionaires’ village with elite property

Located in a picturesque mountainous area 7 km from the sea coast, Benahavis is considered one of the best resorts in the Costa del Sol, where the European elite comes for vacation.

About the resort village

Benahavis attracts tourists with unspoilt nature (including the Serranía de Ronda mountains and the river Guadalmina), ancient architecture and the most modern infrastructure. The latter includes not only hotels, shops and spas but also numerous restaurants and cafes. That is why Benahavis is considered a Mecca of gastronomic tourism. Among the attractions are:

  • the castle of Montemayor;
  • the Royal tower;
  • the parish Church;
  • the 6th century Palace.

The real estate cost in Benahavis

100-120 square meter apartments in modern residential complexes and 5-8 room villas are in the most demand. One can also buy penthouses and apartments in the village. Studio apartments are the cheapest accommodation options in Benahavis. Their price starts at €250 thousand and can reach half a million euros. A penthouse costs €600-900 thousand, an apartment is for €400-800 thousand.

Villa prices start from €650 thousand but on average it sums up to €1-2 million. Compared to other Spanish resort towns, the high cost of real estate in Benahavis is explained by the elite status of the village. Another important factor is the high quality of the real estate itself.

Advantages of Benahavis

Buying a home in this area is a great long-term investment. It’s no coincidence that rich Europeans buy houses and villas in Benahavis en masse. Over time, Benaavis real estate will only become more expensive, because land suitable for development is limited, and the number of people who want to settle here is growing.