As if it were out of a Hollywood movie — a beautiful farm for sale in Portugal 2021

As if it were out of a Hollywood movie — a beautiful farm for sale in Portugal

30.12.2021 09:00
Author: Marina Kremer

What comes to your mind when you think of a farm? Maybe a lot of animals that enjoy eating grass in green pastures? Or endless fields and a tractor carefully harvesting spikes of wheat? Or perhaps stalls with cows that provide delicious fresh milk? In any case, our concept of a farm is most often inspired by the beautiful representation they get in Hollywood movies. There are many different farms for sale on, but we found just one that looks as if it were out of a Hollywood movie — and it sells for € 1,550,000.

There is a farm for sale in Portugal that could easily become a location for filming any Hollywood movie, so beautiful it is. On 17 hectares of land, there is one master house with a swimming pool on the outside and an outbuilding (at some distance from the house). The rest of the territory is made out of gardens which are washed by the waters of the Arad reservoir (not far from the Atlantic Ocean).

The farm is close to the water of an amazing turquoise color, with low mountains around it. The seller emphasizes that it is very difficult to describe the beauty of the place in words, and, in this case, it is difficult to disagree with him.

The Arade Dam (or reservoir) is located on the river of the same name in the Faro and Algarve districts. It is in the Faro region that this farm, which sells for € 1,550,000, is located. The ad states that the master house is a five-bedroom hotel with traditional Portuguese décor. In addition to the bedrooms, the house has a living room with a spacious dining area (which includes a fireplace). The cottage also has several decorated seating areas, a patio, and an outdoor veranda. The outdoor pool with sun loungers is also a great place to relax for real.

The house is decorated in a classic style, with small «splashes» of modern elements. Pictures hang on the walls everywhere, art objects are placed, but at the same time there is nothing superfluous in the house — the design is rather laconic.

The territory adjacent to the house is especially delightful. The seller posted photos from a height in the ad, and the gardens and the Arad reservoir are clearly visible in them. It would seem that they are shots from some Brazilian TV series about rich landowners.

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