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The company was created as investnent firm, there were service accumulation about clients, about delivery of equipmentm, about ecological projects, such as wastewater treatment, recycling of different types of waste. During the working process the direction of foreign property appeared and since demand produces proposal so the direction began to develop and nowadays takes a big segment in business. It is evident that the company was developing with raising and difficulties. But the company is a member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce, takes part in events and round tables, is a member of commettees. Also it participates in work of Business Association and in movement of Family Heirloom. The aim of the company is to offer such a range of services for client to make our client be our friend. Principles of work includes: Communicability and loyalty Confidentiality Correctness
Your needs are our solution: we will select the real estate property according to a given budget, conduct analysis of the properties by country, provide legal support at the time of purchase, after-sales support, property administration after the purchase (investment projects), business appraisal and business selection, selection of an educational institution, translation services.