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High-end real estate agency abroad Do you want to buy or rent luxury housing abroad? We will make your wishes come true! In the ski resorts, by the sea, on the ocean, in the largest cities of the world, and on the islands — the apartments in paradises around the world are waiting for you. Our staff will help you to choose the best option. We provide a wide choice of apartments, houses, villas, castles, chalets, penthouses, and townhouses around the world. Luxury real estate abroad is at your disposal. The real estate which you could only dream of, in the neighborhood with the world-famous celebrities, or with the richest people on the planet. Our website features objects in Miami, New York, London, Manchester, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. As well as in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Tenerife, the Alps, the Costa Blanca and Majorca, Dubai and Puerto Rico, Barcelona and Athens, Jūrmala and Riga, Cannes, Vienna and Nice.
We provide the following services: obtaining a residence permit and citizenship for the rental and sale of yachts, business aviation; education abroad; financial asset management; medical services abroad. We also offer a high-quality concierge service
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Our team is highly professional and responsible, and ready to provide the highest level of each transaction. We value our reputation, therefore we always act within the framework of the contract, where all parties’ rights and obligations are regulated.

Providing maximum comfort for all our customers, we take care of all the difficulties during processing and maintaining transactions. Our office is located in the Sochi city center, on the Theater 11 Str., office 5 (near the Winter Theater). LLC «Aventin and Companion, Sochi Real Estate» is an active member of the Russian Guild of Realtors, the «Realtors Guildof Sochi» Assosiation, NP «Kuban Chamber of Real Estate».

The international real estate agency RED FENIKS is the Russian representative of the foreign developers and the largest real estate agencies in Europe. The main advantage of the company is a large and accurate database of real estate objects and an impeccable reputation of partners. Our partners are the best and most professional companies, with well-selected staff and powerful legal support.

Our reputation and professionalism of our employees guarantee our customers high service and a great selection of real estate. Among our offers there are some exclusive ones that are offered only by our companies or our partner. We offer you an extensive database of high-quality objects of all types of real estate in Europe: apartments, townhouses, villas, houses, cottages, office, retail premises, as well as land for construction, investment projects.

The company RED FENIKS provides a full range of services in the field of foreign real estate.

AWAY REALTY is your trusted partner in a world of foreign real estate and investments. Homes.RU is an elite real estate boutique abroad, offers you investment objects in 7 popular European countries – Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland.

There are more than 10 000 relevant offers in the AWAY REALTY database, all from the owners. During 2017-2019 years we have added a few dozens of exclusive business projects to our collection and we are sure they will perfectly complement your investment portfolio.

The types of property, we offer:

Luxury flats and apartments. Both options are ideal for living and great for renting and benefiting from it. Gorgeous houses and villas by the sea, objectifying the idea of a perfect life. Historical townhouses and mansions, that are fulfilled with the spirit of the time. Chic chalets and castles for the lovers of nature, privacy and ski resorts. Modern penthouses in the prestigious skyscrapers with a sophisticated view. Perspective commercial property (hotels, guest houses, shopping centers, etc.), which will be profitable and will give you financial stability in a foreign country. The best landholding for building both residential and commercial real estate.

The City Real Estate Center is a stable, successfully operating company that has obtained the trust of both sellers and buyers, not only in Russia but also abroad. We ensure the openness and transparency of each transaction, therefore a lot of customers have been cooperating with us for many years.

Arcasa Group is an Italian Russian-speaking real estate agency working with real estate in Italy: villas, houses, apartments, flats, land. The company provides legal support for transactions involving the most reputable law firms and notaries in Italy.

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