Агентство недвижимости «КУБ»

Агентство недвижимости «КУБ» - About company

156 properties 19 commercial properties

Company description

An agency created to solve our customers problems, working solely on the basis of customer needs. You want — we achieve. Our goal is to reach the harmony of your thoughts in our performance. A person can master many aspects of life on their own, many things can be decided on their own, without asking for help of specialists in a particular field, including buying or selling a property.

Wedo not argue with that. But we offer to look at the process of real estate transactions from a practicalpoint of view. Freeing yourself from the routine processes of buying and selling a property, and trusting us, professionals, to manage them, you free yourself for your main job, devote yourself to your family and friends, get some time for relaxation and carefree dreaming.

  • Comprehensive services for the real estate purchase and sale;
  • Support and assistance at certain stages of the transaction;
  • Assistance in the preparation (execution) of title and technical documents for real estate;
  • Assistance in the conclusion, execution, termination of pledge agreements, the removal of other burdens and prohibitions;
  • Commercial real estate for rent;
  • Free consultations and real estate appraisal, as well as simple human communication, heart-to-heart conversations, trivial psychological help, everyday advice and tips.