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Whether you are looking for a property or you have a house for sale in Montenegro, the Dream Estates team and our consultancy arm for Real Estate Intelligence will provide all the information, support, and guidance you need to make an effective decision about real estate.

Real estates in Montenegro are our passion, and properties for sale are our daily business for more than 15 years. We have concluded over 500 sales of 2nd homes and attracted billions of euro of investment to the country, supporting blue-chip international developers of mixed-use resorts

Our name is a synonym for trust and real estate expertise.

We have been working in the montenegro real estate market since 2012. We are located in the city of budva.

D.O.O. Montbel is a cohesive team of professionals. We provide a highly individual approach and an impressive amount of bonuses for every single client. We are located in the Republic of Montenegro, from where we monitor the real estate market. The fact that we are working directly with the owners makes the negotiations and property prices absolutely transparent.

Montbel gained a trustworthy reputation among its clients who acquire real estate in Montenegro for holidays, permanent residence or income generation. We are always expanding the list of additional services. But what remains unchanged is the individual approach to every client and welcoming family atmosphere. That is the reason why 100% of our clients recommend D.O.O. Montbel to their friends.

Smart & Rich Real Estate Agency in Montenegro will help you choose the best property on the market, regardless of whether you want to invest in real estate in order to generate income or save money, or for your own residence. In any case, you will need a conscientious consultant who knows all the nuances of the local market. Contacting Smart & Rich agency you will receive a guarantee that the property will be adequate to your request, and the transaction will be carried out absolutely purely from a legal point of view. If you want to receive income from your real estate in Montenegro in the future, then you can give your property to the agency Smart & Rich and count on guaranteed profit. The long history of the work of the Smart & Rich agency on the market, hundreds of impeccably conducted transactions and satisfied buyers of resort real estate in Montenegro, the reputation of the founders of the agency is the key to successful cooperation.

The company Tradegoria offers for sale land, residential and commercial property for investment, business, permanent residence and seasonal recreation. We provide clients with reliable and detailed information on all categories of real estate, legal support of the transaction from «a» to «z» and comprehensive personal support after the purchase of the object.

Cooperation with the company Tradegoria is a guarantee of a reliable and profitable transaction. Among our competitive advantages:

Many years of practical experience in the country’s market; Impeccable reputation in the professional community and among customers; We work without intermediaries - allows our customers to buy cheap property in Montenegro; High professionalism of employees: realtors, lawyers, translators; Thorough knowledge of the legislation of Montenegro, features of registration and registration of real estate, as well as its "pitfalls"; Constant monitoring of the availability of discounts on all types of real estate and promptly informing our clients about them; Assistance in the selection of real estate with analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the object, infrastructure, location, etc.; Availability of a special personal customer support program, including after-sales service in arrangement and adaptation in a new country (you will be able to independently control the process at all stages of the transaction).

Montenegro has become the main address of the world, because it is the most beautiful place on Earth, where you can live comfortably and spend your holidays, where you can and should buy property, either for rent or for profitable resale in the future. Today Montenegro is an economically prosperous and politically stable region with a warm climate and amazing nature. It is the best choice for adherents of the European lifestyle, for those who appreciate style, brightness and individuality in this life.

Have you any questions about buying or selling real estate in Montenegro? You can get a comprehensive answer from our managers.