Ассоциация специалистов по недвижимости Украины (АСНУ)

Ассоциация специалистов по недвижимости Украины (АСНУ) - About company

Company description

Since 1995, the Association of Real Estate Specialists (Realtors) of Ukraine (ASN (p) U), a public non-profitableprofessional organization has been operating in Ukraine . Our organization brings together representatives from25 regions of the country in 32 cities.

As a public association, it is called upon to create economic and legal mechanisms for the formation of a civilized real estate market. The main task of our organization is to bring together real estate professionals around common problems and interests, protect the rights of realtors, and expand the opportunities of professionals in entrepreneurial, methodological and technical development. We strive to improve customer service and protect the interests of all market entities.

Our goal, in this sense, is to remove unscrupulous and unprofessional elements from the market. The Association considers as its duty to ensure the legality of real estate transactions, informational transparency of the market, participation in the state tax policy optimization. The Association carries out the instructions of its members in various fields of social and professional life.

We have developed the first package of documents in Ukraine on licensing and certification of real estate professionals. The Association actively takes part in the development of the draft law «On Realtor Activity», «National Standards of Realtor Activity» and other regulatory and legislative acts, regulating the operations of the real estate market. We are working on a unified educational program for realtors.

The Association of Real Estate Specialists (Realtors) of Ukraine strives to increase the prestige of the real estate specialist profession. We are constantly cooperating with the media and public relations department,through social and corporate advertising, influencing and forming public opinions.

The principles of the Association’s foreign policy remain unchanged — we are always open for cooperation and partnership. Our organization maintains contacts with colleagues from different countries. We try to exchange experiences, inform each other about our problems and achievements. The Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine constantly cooperates and holds collective scientific and practical conferences and seminars together with the International Real Estate Fund (IRPF) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).