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About Israel

Also known as the state of Israel, a developed country located in Western Asia. It shares its borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Having a long and diverse history dating back to the earliest migration of the hominids out of Africa. It has since then been the center stage of various battles, religious conquests, reigns, and revolts. Although it has a long and bloody history, it is a developed country with one of the largest economies in the world. Its capital city is Jerusalem which is well known for its religious significance and importance.

Tourism in Israel

A popular tourist destination, has a reputation of having more museums per capita than any country in the world. Combined with other religious monuments, historical architecture, heritage sites, and ecotourism, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourism is the major contributor to the countries economy drawing in visitors numbering in millions each year. Jerusalem is the most visited destination in Israel and is considered to be a holy city for many religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Real estate — Is it a sensible investment?

Though there is a popular misconception that Israel is a war-torn country, it is actually one of the safest places to live. Combined with the fact that it has a high-income economy, it is one of the best choices to invest in real estate. From houses, apartments, luxury villas, there are a lot of different choices that you can opt for by choosing a trustworthy real estate agent. There are no restrictions on buying property except for a few areas that have land disputes. However, the process of acquiring property is relatively short and sweet that makes it an ideal choice for investment. Due to its large cultural and historical significance, Israel is on track to grow consistently over the next few years. 

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