Mansion 403 m² in Almaty Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, Almaty Alma-Ata
Updated at: 07.09.2022


Country: Kazakhstan
State: Alma-Atinskaya obl
City: Almaty Alma-Ata

Building parameters

Total area: 403 m²
Land area: 40 m²


Waking up in the morning, the first thing you SEE in the window is the HORES! The road from pr. The house is no more than four minutes to reach the gate. My first emotion is entering the territory - the "EAST" Delight of what you see as a wild one easily. And at that very moment I realized that I completely forgot about the bustling city, which is only four kilometers away, the bustle and endless stream of cars. A tale at the foot of the mountains! The house itself also makes a good impression. The optimal square and the number of bedrooms just allows you to place the whole family. After all, there is no doubt that children and grandchildren will get this house. I go up to the windows on the second floor and WAUUU! I open and again the silence and birdsong. Phasants and proteins walk around the territory. I take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and, by good envy, those who will live here and enjoy this beauty!


Kazakhstan, Almaty Alma-Ata

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