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Warsaw is the largest and most densely populated city of Poland. It is home to the country’s major airport and two railway stations. 

Warsaw has been dynamically developing over the past few years, creating new residential areas and erecting business centres. Time and again, the Polish capital has been reborn from the ashes like a phoenix. The architecture of Warsaw is a mixture of various styles that represent the rich history of Poland. According to scientists, the city was destroyed by almost 90% during the Second World War, but the Polish authorities managed to reconstruct most of the buildings and architectural monuments, with photographs and archival materials used as visual aids. 

The river Vistula became a separating line between the history and the modernity of the city. All the sights and the Old Town are located on its left bank. No wonder this part of Warsaw is called ’the heart’ of the city. On the right bank there is a business district with numerous business and shopping centres, as well as residential complexes. It is here that the influence of Europe on the development of the city is most prominently pronounced. 

When Warsaw received the status of the main city of the republic, the cost of housing obviously soared. According to the latest data, Warsaw property prices are the highest in Poland. Nevertheless, the purchase of housing in the capital is still a profitable investment. The real estate market is defined by the high demand among the population for housing under construction. The choice of real estate for sale in Warsaw on the secondary market is able to meet any preferences. The construction or purchase of commercial real estate is popular among the owners of large-scale enterprises. 

Though, even if you come to Warsaw just for a tour, there are many places to see. You should definitely drive along the Royal Route at least once, take a walk through the Warsaw Rising Museum, visit the Old Town Market Place and see the statue Mermaid of Warsaw. Once you visit the city, you’re bound to fall in love with it.