Things the People of Belarus are Proud of. Present and Future

14.05.2018 11:42


According to the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, the literacy level of the adult population in the country reaches 99.6%. Almost 90% of the population has a higher, secondary or basic education.

Citizens of Belarus are fluent in foreign languages. Among those who are fluent in English, 64% belong to young people, 40% are fluent in German.

The architectural landmark of Belarus is the National Library. It is not only the richest collection of books, but also a huge multifunctional center, where high technologies, ultra-modern design and unusual architecture were combined. The National Library of Belarus occupies the 11th place in the rating of fantastic architectural works according to the version of the American edition of Flavorwire (2013), it is also mentioned in the Berlin edition of "The Best Libraries of the World", as well as it takes the 24th place in the list of the 50 most unusual constructions of the world according to the site Village of Joy.

On May 14, 2015, the Republic of Belarus became a participant of the single European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and, accordingly, the Bologna Process. The inclusion of Belarus in the European Higher Education Area reflects the recognition of the Belarusian system of higher education by the world community and confirms the fact that the national model is competitive and will be able to integrate into the world educational space.

IT- paradise. Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

In Europe and the whole world, Belarus has a firmly established reputation of the leading IT-country in the Eastern European region. According to the Global Services 100 rating, Belarus ranked 13th among the 20 leading IT outsourcing and high-tech services. The TOP-100 of the world's largest companies in this sphere include three companies with Belarusian roots: EPAM Systems, IBA Group and Intetics Co. In the IT ranking of the UN, Belarus takes 48th place.

The sphere of IT holds the highest paid professions in Belarus.

In terms of tax benefits, IT companies have incredible opportunities for development. 91.9% of the software produced in the High-Tech Park is exported. 49.1% is shipped to Europe, 44% to the USA and Canada, 4.1% to Russia and the former CIS.

Belarusians invented and made the best computer game the World of Tanks. The World of Tanks is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records: nary a game server in the world would handle a load of 190,000 players at a time.                                      

The branded World of Tanks aircraft from Belavia company made its first landing at Minsk National Airport in the summer of 2016.

The Belarusians called it "Tankolet" and every Belarusian considered it a great luck to fly aboard the "Tankolet".

Digital Economy

On December 22, 2017, the President of Belarus signed a decree on "The development of the digital economy", aimed at stimulating the development of the IT-sector in Belarus. The Republic of Belarus will create an unprecedented environment for regulating circulation of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Among the main theses of the new legislation "The development of the digital economy" can be noted:

  • The determination of the rights of individuals and legal entities in the context of handling tokens and crypto-currencies. From now on, legal entities can own tokens, issue and place their own tokens on their crypto-exchanges through HTP residents (High-Tech Park is a special economic zone with a special tax and legal regime in the Republic of Belarus that promotes a favorable and successful development of IT business. It is a Belarusian analogue of Silicon Valley in the USA), buy and sell tokens, as well as perform other operations using tokens, but only through cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange offices.    
  • Individuals can now collect tokens, mine, exchange, buy and sell tokens for Belarusian rubles, foreign currency or electronic money (including WebMoney), as well as use cryptocurrency at their discretion or bequeath it.
  • Income from both operations or mining of tokens and cryptocurrency by natural persons is nontaxable.
  • Mining, buying or selling tokens or cryptocurrency by individuals is not be considered an entrepreneurial activity and is nontaxable until January 1, 2023 (tentatively).

Since the law "On the development of the digital economy" has been adopted, Belarus is becoming the first country in the world with a comprehensive legal regulation of a blockchain business, and the first state to legalize smart contracts.

"The leading economics of the world are just sizing up this new phenomenon. Belarus is actually the first state in the world to open up wide opportunities for a blockchain technology. We have each and every chance to become a regional center of the field”, said Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus.