Commercial 291 m² in Zala, Hungary

Hungary, Zala, Lenti jaras, Lenti, Lenti
€ 105,438
Updated at: 08.09.2022


Country: Hungary
Region: Transdanubia
City: Zala
Address: Lenti

Property Parametres

Total area: 291 m²
Investment params


A ground-floor one gets to selling in NÁLUNK!!!Lenti downtown only 300 m²- es shop. His renovation began already, his conclusion waits for the prospective proprietor. Enormous glass surfaces characterize the real estate with all public utilities, and big spaces. The parking is solvable for more cars. I recommend it as his position and his manifold utilisation opportunity for undertaking duly, firms, multinational companies. Call in!


  • Parking
  • Balcony


Hungary, Zala, Lenti jaras, Lenti, Lenti
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