Warehouse 1 548 m² in Brest, Belarus

Belarus, Brest, Brest Dubrovskaya ul
Archive cost € 177,506
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Updated at: 27.11.2022


Country: Belarus
State: Brest Region
Region: Brest District
City: city Brest
Address: Brest Dubrovskaya ul

Property Parametres

Floor: 1
Total area: 1 548 m²
Investment params
VAT: 0%
The Warehouse and Brest and by Dubrovskaya St. and Leninsky district rayonploshchad 1547.5 м² is Fored Sale; and 1st floor and site of 40.16 hundred parts and brick and condition of the house: satisfactory repair and natural lighting and electricity. Lot: 1687. Brick warehouse for sale in Dubrovka. The total area is 1547.5 sq.m. The material of the walls is brick, the material of the floors is concrete. The ceiling height is 3.77 m. 1977. Electric lighting, heating, water supply. Land plot 0.4016 ha. State: satisfactory remontrayon: Dubrovkaploshchad the general: 1547.5 m2material walls: kirpichnyyestestvenny lighting: estvysot of the room: 3.70 motdelny exit: daetazh: 1 Equipment: NETKOMMUNIKATSIIGAZ: netotopleniye: centralnoyevodosnabzheniye: estkanalization: netelektrosnabzheniye: is Sale 387 & nbsp; 000 & nbsp; $ , , , . AN Guarantor of Success. Guarantor of success
New building location
Belarus, Brest, Brest Dubrovskaya ul
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