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PhuketMix is not new to the real estate market in Thailand. For more than six years, we have been selecting the most lucrative offers for our clients that fully meet their expectations and wishes. Over the years, several dozen families with our help have acquired their dream home in Phuket. And now they have a unique opportunity to plunge into the summer among the harsh Russian winter or rainy autumn. The reliability of our company is evidenced by the fact that we are registered in the general base of Thailand. You can find information about us following this link and typing in the search box the name of the company - PhuketMix. The main rule of our company - we are always in touch. Therefore, in case of problems, you can call us at any time of the day and solve your questions.
We provide not only rental housing, but also a full range of services for organizing the leisure of our clients. It includes: 1) Property rental. Our manager examines each room before the guests enter to see if they are ready to move in. 2) Meeting at the airport and transfer to the selected property. 3) Organizing excursions and rent a car at budget prices.