Building plots are being sold off in Spain, the prices start at 3000 euro 2020

Building plots are being sold off in Spain, the prices start at 3000 euro

04.11.2020 21:00

1300 building plots in Spain are currently on sale. The building area of the objects is 200-500 square meters on average. Idealista reports that the plots are located in different parts of the country, being aimed at the widest buying audience: from individuals to big investors. This special sales campaign was initiated by the real estate portal Solvia.

Country statistics

Most of the offers are centered in the following regions of Spain:

  • Valencia - 362;
  • Castile and León -267;
  • Catalonia - 265;
  • Castilla–La Mancha -140;
  • Andalusia — 74.

As for the provinces, land plots meet with a ready sale in the cities of Valencia, Castellon, Valladolid, and Guadalajara.

Features of the sale

Prices start at 3,000 euros, sometimes reaching 300,000 euro, depending on the location and the total area of the plot. The largest plots are located in the Madrid region. Their quadrature varies from 3000 to 50,000 meters. These plots, which are fully prepared for development, can be a perfect option for big investors.

In general, according to the portal Solvia, the presented plots are an excellent solution for those families with children who want to move out of town during the pandemic.

What should be taken into account?

At the moment the cost of building plots in Spain is the lowest the world has ever known. Some real estate objects can be obtained for free. For example, in one of the Spanish villages, those who buy a local bar are offered free square meters.

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