Why are they so special? The unique flats are selling in the «Promenade» residential complex in Minsk 2022
Why are they so special? The unique flats are selling in the «Promenade» residential complex in Minsk 2022

Why are they so special? The unique flats are selling in the «Promenade» residential complex in Minsk

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Buy a flat in Minsk and enjoy an incredible view of the Drozdzy reservoir, or sit in a cosy cafe on Pobediteley Avenue just a couple of minutes fr om home — what could be better? All this and much more is available to the residents of the «Promenade» residential complex, which is comfortably located in the capital of Belarus between Timiryazev Street and Pobediteley Avenue. What is so special about this residential complex? Let’s find out.

«The „Promenade“ is easily recognisable among the many residential complexes in the capital» 

The residential complex Promenade is located next to one of the major traffic routes in Minsk — on the second line from Pobediteley Avenue. Its construction began about 12 years ago, and during this time the Beijing-Minsk Real Estate Development Company Ltd. has managed to build and launch 20 of the 22 residential buildings. Two more ten-storey houses are in the final stage of construction, in the 3rd quarter of 2022 the residential complex «Promenade» will be fully completed, and the noise from the building site will not disturb the residents anymore.

The entire complex occupies a territory of 27.3 hectares, and it is located next to the Lebyazhiy Biological Reserve. Across the road from the buildings there is the Drozdy Reservoir and a park. There are plenty of recreational and sports facilities nearby, as well as a cycle path and several restaurants and cafes. Arena City shopping and entertainment centre is perfect for shopping lovers. Another great place for active recreation is Minsk Arena — a sports and entertainment complex.

In general, «Promenade» consists of eight-, nine- and ten-storey buildings with 3-4 flats on each floor — so the developer has managed to maintain a balance between urban bustle and personal space for each individual family. There are also four high-rise buildings — 25 floors. There are no traditional panel buildings here, only frame-block construction with the implementation of the most modern technologies.

An important fact is that the complex has one of the lowest building densities, with large relaxation zones, playgrounds and places for strolls between the houses.

— Despite the fact that the construction of the entire complex lasted 12 years, the project has retained and implemented the concept of a city in the city. All the houses and the common courtyard space are designed in the same style, so «Promenade» is easily recognisable among the many residential complexes in Minsk.

In my opinion, this project successfully combines Chinese minimalism with European comfort and the Belarusian spirit. You can feel the vastness and scale of the Belarusian capital. And the buildings themselves differ from most new buildings in Minsk. Massive entrances, wide front porches and lift lobbies, laconic and comfortable staircases, and finally, very comfortable flat layouts — there is a lot to be proud of, — says sales manager Dina.

Руководитель отдела продаж ЖК Променад в Минске - фото

What makes the «Promenade» unique?

In addition to the mentioned advantages, the complex has a number of other features that make it stand out from other new buildings. The 25-storey building at 16 Ilyanskaya Street, the last high-rise in the complex, has recently gone on sale. The house is located in the western part of the complex, closer to the Vitalur shop and the private sector. A distinctive feature of this high-rise is the panoramic glazing. If you add high ceilings of 2.75 metres to the overall picture, you end up with a very bright and cosy dwelling.

There is a wide choice of layouts in the building: studio flats of 39 sqm or 48 sqm, one-bedroom flats of 69 sqm or 75 sqm and three-bedroom flats of 84 sqm, 90 sqm or 92 sqm. There are a very few four-bedroom flats — they have an area of 108 sqm. An interesting fact: almost all of the one-bedroom apartments have already been sold — there are just a couple of options left.

План-схема двухкомнатной квартиры в ЖК ПроменадФото схемы однокомнатной квартиры в ЖК Променад

Фото однушки в ЖК Променад в МинскеПлан евродвушки в ЖК Променад

Фото плана евротрешки в ЖК ПроменадЕвротрешка в ЖК Променад в Минске - фото

— Every inch of the buildings is as functional as possible. At the same time, you will not find any super-small areas here: studio flats start from 39 square metres, two-room apartments from 65 square metres, and three-room apartments from 84 square metres. The developer has provided the opportunity to re-plan the flats to suit the needs of each family: you can make an «Eurotwin» out of a «one-bedroom flat» or a «Eurotriple» out of a two-bedroom flat. Each flat has a large and comfortable living-kitchen area, which each owner can use in his or her own way: some have a separate room as a priority, while others have a large kitchen with a dining area, wh ere it is so convenient to meet guests. 

There are also a small number of flats in the nine-storey building at 6 Knyagininskaya Street: 2-bedroom flats of 67 sqm and flats with an interesting feature — the ground floor has flats with a separate entrance — potentially they could be taken out of the housing stock and be used to open a small shop or beauty salon, for example.

Фото жилого дома в ПроменадФото дома в ЖК Променад

Another important difference in the «Promenade» housing estate is that from the very first day, the developer has decided to sell only fully finished flats. Buyers will not have to worry about the construction progress of the house, worry about how the area of the flat will eventually change or how much extra money they will have to pay after commissioning — only finished housing without any unpleasant surprises is purchased.

The developer has already taken care of high quality screed floors, modern electric panels and high quality German radiators. This means that the purchaser receives the keys to the property as soon as the contract of sale has been signed, ready for the final finishes.

Фото сданной квартиры с чистовой отделкойПример чистовой отделки в ЖК ПроменадФото санузла в ЖК Променад

— The project is unique thanks to the fact that flats are sold here after the building has been commissioned. The buyer can register for a consultation with a personal manager and immediately choose the flat that he or she would like. And it is not just the price or the size of the property that is important, but also the view from the window and even the energy of each individual room. 

Everything you need to know about flat prices and discounts

The cost of finished flats starts from $1,348/sq.m. In case of 100% payment, the buyer gets a discount of up to 2% of the cost of the flat (on average $30 per sq.m.).

The developer also provides an opportunity to buy a flat in instalments. The down payment is 20% of the cost of the property. However, there are special conditions when using the instalment plan:

  • One-year instalment: +$10 to the price per m²;
  • Instalment for 2 years: +$25 to the price per m²;
  • Instalment until October 2024: +$30 to the cost per m².

Submit your application

Details on the phone numbers of the developer:
+375 44 561 86 18
+375 33 661 86 18

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