It became known what conditions must be met to obtain a digital nomad residence permit in Montenegro. Recall that the state announced a new program for nomads in August 2022. As stated by the government of the country, «for Montenegro as a tourist destination, digital nomads have great potential; they can also affect the investment image of the country.»

Conditions for obtaining a digital nomad residence permit in Montenegro

  • You must work remotely for a company, your own legal entity, or a customer, that has registered outside Montenegro. With this residence permit, you are not permitted to work in Montenegro. 
  • Income per month must be at least three times the minimum wage in Montenegro. This amount is currently €1350. 
  • You must live in your own property or rent a house. 
  • digital nomad residence permit is issued for a period of two years, after which it can be renewed for another two years. After four years, a new residence permit can only be applied for after a six-month break.

Important nuances:

  • If your citizenship allows you to enter Montenegro without a visa, a digital nomad residence permit can be obtained directly in this country. 
  • If, however, there is a visa regime between your country of citizenship and Montenegro, you must first apply for the Montenegrin national visa D at the embassy or consulate; and then enter Montenegro and obtain a residence permit for nomads.
  • Getting this type of residence permit does not lead to a permanent residence permit.
  • Family members of the freelancer can also pretend to have such a residence permit (spouses and children).
  • Taxes with such a residence permit in Montenegro will not need to be paid.


What documents do I need to apply for a digital nomad residence permit?

  • Passport. Its term must not be shorter than the issued residence permit.
  • Employment Contract. It is necessary to confirm that you work remotely and outside Montenegro.
  • Extract from the Registry of Legal Entities. It must be in the name of the company with which you have a contract or in the name of your own legal entity.
  • Certificate of criminal record. It must be obtained in the country of your citizenship no earlier than six months before applying for a residence permit.
  • Guarantee of acceptable financial capacity. Monthly income must be at least €1,350.
  • Proof of residence in Montenegro. This could be a certificate of residential property ownership, the lease agreement; or proof of residency from the person who rents to you — with a license to rent out residential space.
  • Health insurance. Must be valid for at least 30 days at the time of application.
  • Document with proof of compulsory medical insurance and pension insurance at the place of employer’s registration.