It became known, in which European capital is the most affordable housing. The study was conducted by the British insurance company CIA Landlord Insurance. 

The analysis showed that the cheapest apartments and houses in Europe are in the capital of Greece, Athens. The average cost per «square meter» in this city is €1,940. 

Greece, by the way, was the most economically prosperous country in 2022 according to The Economist. All this affects the fact that foreigners are increasingly buying property in this country, particularly in its capital.

The Bank of Greece has the following figures: from January to September 2022, foreigners have bought real estate in Greece for only €1.27 billion — 60% more than during the same period a year earlier. Moreover, this figure is higher even than the pre-pandemic year of 2019 (€1.03 billion). On this basis, it is assumed that for the entire year 2022, foreigners have bought Greek real estate for more than €1.5 billion.

Who follows Athens in the ranking of housing affordability? In second place — Madrid (1 square meter costs about €3190), in third — Rome (average cost per «square meter» — €3790), followed by London with €4826 per square meter and Stockholm (€6,000 per sq.m.).