Today, the real estate market of any country offers many options: expensive villas, exclusive apartments, and small budget studios. In the database, you can find accommodation for every taste, but today we will show you two interesting options in Greece. Both properties cost about the same, but are of completely different classes. Which would you choose?

An apartment in Athens for € 36,000

Greece, Greece
€ 36,000
1 Number of rooms 1 bath 27 m² 1/6 Floor

First, let’s take a look at a small studio apartment located practically in the center of Athens. This is a fairly popular tourist city, which is why many properties are considered here not as a place for permanent residence, but as an investment — to rent them out. That is why the seller immediately indicates the rental price of this apartment in the ad: potentially € 300 per month. Of course, the future investor will have to take into account the income tax and the cost of housing maintenance in the management company, and therefore the average annual income will be below € 3,600 (the realtor indicated this income in the announcement, but clarified that it was a gross figure). 

The apartment is a studio with an area of 27 square meters located on the first floor of a five-storey building. It has a living room, a combined bathroom, and a small French balcony. The room is conditionally divided into two parts: a bedroom and a living room with kitchen equipment.

The apartment has undergone a modern renovation, kitchen equipment is installed. In general, the interior is designed in white and gray tones, with an accent bright green wall in the bedroom of the apartment. It comes with all the necessary household appliances: a hob for 2 burners, a small refrigerator, an air conditioner machine. This housing is suitable for the permanent residence of one or two people, and for renting it (daily or long-term).

A dilapidated townhouse in the mountains for € 35,000

Vrachasion, Greece
€ 35,000
4 Number of rooms 1 bath Number of floors 3

In the mountainous part of Greece on the island of Crete in Neapolis, for almost the same money, the exact opposite of the first property is being sold — a dilapidated townhouse. This option is suitable for those who are really tired of noisy tourist cities and want to spend time in Greece as it really is: without a large number of people, in a small house right in the mountains among stunning views, authentic buildings, and among the local people.

The two-storey house with an area of 99 square meters has three bedrooms. There is also a large kitchen-living room area with a small kitchen set, a stove (it is not clear if it works), and a refrigerator. On the wall above the countertop hangs something that looks like a column. 

The bedrooms are as austere as possible — none of them has any substantial decoration, only the walls are whitewashed. One of the bedroom is equipped with only a bed. However, there seems to be electricity in every room. The house also has a bathroom and a storage room.

The seller openly writes that the property is dilapidated and in need of repair — this is clearly visible in the photographs. However, on the other hand, it is also clear that the house is residential and clean, and the owners did their best to take care of it. The investment potential of such a property is small, but it is well suited for those buyers who are looking for housing in a beautiful area and are ready to invest a certain amount of funds for its restoration.

It is easy to buy an apartment or a house in Greece — you just need to find the property you like in the catalog and leave a request for it in just a few clicks.