The MIPIF exhibition of foreign real estate and investments will be held in Moscow on the 10-12th of April 2020

The MIPIF exhibition of foreign real estate and investments will be held in Moscow on the 10-12th of April

29.02.2020 18:00

Learn about all the key trends of the global real estate market at the MIPIF exhibition of foreign real estate for life and investment!

Three days of business program: 40 seminars from experts of the foreign real estate market

Come and get your new knowledge straight from professionals in a pleasant atmosphere at the MIPIF business program. During 3 days, 3 halls of the forum will be working non-stop, giving the seminar participants important information about investments, legal aspects, relocation, adaptation in other countries and much more. Popular Autumn MIPIF workshops can be found in the video section of the exhibition website.

MIPIF Expozone: 60 real estate agencies and developers from abroad

Only at the largest foreign real estate exhibition in Amber Plaza, all guest will find the best offers that will perfectly suit them:

  • 30 countries, 
  • 60 companies, 
  • hundreds of projects, 
  • thousands of finished objects.

Apartments, villas, townhouses, chalets and village houses for living and leasing, various commercial options, MIPIF exhibitors will offer real, existing objects and advise you based on your plans, budget and preferences.

Business connections 

Many visitors return to our exhibitions. SPEX was the first one, and now MIPIF unites people based on common business interests. MIPIF is great for finding partners to implement your business plans or simply chat with nice smart people who have a lot to learn from.

Eurasia in miniature

Don’t be afraid to get lost! The exhibitors’ stands from the same countries are located nearby, and each one is marked with a respecting flag. At the MIPIF exhibition forum, all guests will be able to plunge into a mini-continent atmosphere, because all the most popular destinations among investors will be presented here:

  • Spain, 
  • Cyprus, 
  • Germany, 
  • France, 
  • Montenegro, 
  • Italy, 
  • Greece, 
  • Andorra, 
  • Greece, 
  • Latvia, 
  • Georgia, 
  • Ireland and others.

Do you want to visit MIPIF? It’s simple, fast and free! Do not delay the decision, get ready to start the spring-summer the right way. If you read this, then you’ve found what you were looking for. Get your free invitation by leaving an application on the MIPIF website and get one step closer to your goal.

Date and venue: April 10-12, 2020, Moscow, Amber Plaza.

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