Luxury Villas in Turkey: Key features and benefits of comfortable accommodation 2021

Luxury Villas in Turkey: Key features and benefits of comfortable accommodation

The concept of «luxury» refers to a range of things and situations that provide ease and comfort in everyday life. Recently, this word, which came from the French language, has become often used in relation to villas, especially when it comes to comfort-class real estate, which is significantly different from housing built to conventional standards. In general, luxury villas are a type of property equipped with many features and details that make life much easier and more comfortable.

There is a lot of such residential real estate in Turkey. Luxurious villas for sale can be found in almost any area.

Key features of luxury housing

Luxury villas fully satisfy the needs of their owners, offering a range of amenities:

  • spacious living areas;
  • panoramic views of the surroundings or the sea;
  • a large plot with a garden;
  • stylish interior and exterior design;
  • chic kitchens and bathrooms;
  • high-quality construction through the use of expensive and durable building materials;
  • inclusion of smart home technologies;
  • sports halls;
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools;
  • Turkish baths.

This type of property is often built in popular resorts, allowing owners to live up to five or even seven star resort standards. As for the number of storeys, luxury villas are often designed as multi-level. Usually these are dwellings with two, three or four floors.

On the first level, as a rule, there is a living room and a kitchen. The rest of the premises are located on the second and above (bathrooms, bedrooms, additional living rooms). Ground floors and cellars are often equipped with Turkish baths, spas or pools, available for use at any time of the year.

Luxury villas are also comfortable in terms of heat supply. The architects initially design them using intelligent heating systems and outdoor fences to create a cool microclimate in summer and a warm atmosphere in winter. Another important quality inherent in luxury villas is the presence of spacious balconies and terraces. They are usually found on every floor.

What criteria can be used to define a luxury villa?

This type of housing is significantly superior to conventional real estate, not only in terms of additional amenities (pool, garden, jacuzzi and panoramic views of the surroundings), but also in terms of the quality of construction/finishing.

Here are just some of the criteria for luxury villas all potential buyers should look out for:

  • thermal insulation of the walls and roof;
  • sound insulation of the walls in rooms;
  • the use of natural materials (stone, marble, wood) in internal and external interior materials;
  • the use of elite varieties of wood, natural stone or wrought iron in stairs and window frames;
  • the presence of at least two bathrooms and toilets made from expensive and durable stone materials;
  • heating and cooling systems and tools — fireplaces, air conditioners, constant hot water;
  • the use of suspended roofs and lighting effects in rooms;
  • the presence of automatic home control systems.

Since luxury villas require careful maintenance, it is important for prospective owners to clarify the nuances associated with their maintenance in advance. Often, companies that erect such objects provide privileges to their clients in the form of services from professional designers and garden architects. You can contact them for questions related to interior design, or in situations when you need to place plants on balconies, terraces or in the garden.

If we talk about specific countries, for example, Turkey, then many luxury villas that meet the above criteria are located off the coast. There are also housing options that are close to the central parts of megacities, but surrounded by greenery and offering panoramic views of the sea or the city.

When buying luxury villas in Turkey, their owners will not be out of touch with civilization: most of these properties, characterized by their high-quality construction and luxury, are located in places with a well-developed transport infrastructure, allowing easy access to the airport or the central parts of the city.

Luxury real estate in Turkey

Yalikavak, Turkey
€ 2,605,303
4 bath 350 m²
Bodrum, Turkey
€ 892,450
4 Rooms 3 bath 363 m² Number of floors 2
Plati, Turkey
€ 958,751
3 bath 300 m²
Central Anatolia Region,
€ 870,171
4 bath 700 m²
Aegean Region, Turkey
€ 764,211
5 bath 480 m²
Alanya, Turkey
€ 590,000
6 Rooms 385 m²

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