The «Green Harbor» complex was started to be built in the pre-pandemic times, when remoteness was not yet mainstream, and the trend to slow down and «escape from the bustle of the city» was just beginning to emerge. We found out how the demand for real estate in this quarter has changed over the past six months and what kind of buyer the developer is focused on now.

In August 2018, A-100 Development presented the concept of a new residential complex «Green Harbor». Four years later, on August 24, 2022, the editors of visited a large presentation of the complex and found out how the project has evolved over this time, how its target audience has changed and what helps to retain interest towards the product in times of crisis. All the information at the meeting was shared by the head and shareholder of the group of companies «A-100 Development» Svetlana Shevlik.

«Globally, it’s a project for everyone, but...»

The residential complex «Green Harbor» with an area of 220 hectares (twice as much as «Novaya Borovaya») is located 3.5 kilometers from Minsk. As a point of reference, the national wildlife reserve «Sticklevo» and a unique championship-class golf complex are located nearby. A-100 Development architects together with their English and Swedish colleagues worked out the concept of development.

At the moment a quarter of the residential complex is built: it includes 50 private cottages, as well as semi-detached houses with two-storey apartments — limehouses, townhouses, and urban houses. Now the project is entering a new chapter of development, and it is called «The City in Nature». 

— We see, — says Svetlana Shevlik — that the modern man is tired of noise, of instability and unpredictability. He wants tranquility and urban comfort at the same time. And we create «Green Harbor» in such a way to meet these demands.

In the coming years, the focus will be on the construction of city houses — buildings with apartments ranging in height from four to seven floors. Already this fall the complex will present new Euro-format apartment layouts.

As for infrastructure, there will be everything on the territory: from kindergartens and shopping centers to beauty studios and restaurants. The first school will appear within 4-5 years. In general, local residents will have access to all the benefits of the city, only that they will be surrounded by a wooded area.

The entire area should be completed in 2035. As a result, there will be 280 houses of different formats located on the territory of 18 blocks. At the moment about 100 families live in the complex, and when the project is completed, 16 thousand people will live there.

— Globally, this is a project for everyone. There can be young families, single young people, families with and without children. But there is something that exactly distinguishes these people from everyone else — it is the desire to live a «different» way of life. These are people who appreciate nature and its resources, these are people who have already achieved a lot in life, and they do not need to prove anything to anyone; they value solitude and do not let extra people in their circle — they choose their environment. And we will try to make their lives a little happier and a little «different,» adds Svetlana Shevlik.

«If there were no sales, there would be no new homes»

— Of course, all the processes that take place have an impact on what happens on the market. But you have to understand that if there were no sales, there would be no new houses. There is no doubt that some part of the solvent audience that we were counting on has left the country and made other life decisions. Nevertheless, we are trying to target those who stay. Yes, it is harder to attract these people now, but our task now is to reach them, to show that we are creating this environment for them.

There are clients who are selling their real estate. But for such cases we have our own agency, which works with those who want to sell and buy real estate from us. These are longer deals, but we always accompany our client and solve this problem.

As for prices, for cottages, they have increased 2.5 times since the start of construction. It is clear that there is no such difference in apartments, but it is absolutely certain that at the start of the price is always lower. No significant reduction in prices is expected by the end of the year. Yes, there could be one-time promotions, but nothing more.

A side note. Starting today, August 25, the developer as an experiment decided to open the residential complex «Green Harbor» for all who want to see it with their own eyes. You can visit the area until October 1, inclusive, on any day until 20.00. When entering you only need to inform about the purpose of your visit — and you will be let through.