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Company description

Real Estate Agency BlagoDom Limited Liability Company has been providing real estate services since January 31, 2007. The Agency ensures confidentiality of all data obtained during the provision of real estate services, undertakes to protect the rights and promote the legitimate interests of the Consumer, not to use the information provided by the Consumer in their own interests or in the interests of third parties. Despite the wide range of services provided and number of transactions in the market, we know one important thing - each client is unique. Therefore, we treat real estate properties not as building materials collected in a certain sequence, but as a convenient and comfortable shelter where you will feel coziness and protection during your stay, or aspiration to perform and create at work.
Consulting services; selection of options for transaction; assistance in obtaining a construction (reconstruction) permit; conservation of properties under construction; commissioning of properties; approval of redevelopment, reconstruction; transfer of housing facilities to non-residential buildings; services related to resettlement and demolition of houses, buildings and structures; legal support of maintenance services for renting out (lease) real estate