Thailand has simplified the registration procedure for foreign citizens

Thailand has simplified the registration procedure for foreign citizens

06.07.2020 19:00

Since June 30, 2020, holders of Thailand Elite investment visas and non-immigration permits of all types will need to register in the immigrant database only once. The same requirement is imposed by Thai authorities on one-year visa and 60-day tourist visa holders.

As a result of these new changes, there is no need for re-registration for foreign citizens. Now, immigrants can travel domestically in Thailand, as well as enter and leave the country based on a multiple-entry visa or if they have a re-entry permit.

Re-registration cancellation features

Those entering Thailand with a visa must notify authorities of their residential address within a certain time frame: 15 days for citizens of China and India, and 30 days for foreigners who enter the country without a visa (most citizens of Europe, Australia, and the United States). It is no longer necessary to notify the Thailand Immigration Bureau again.

Registration in Thailand

According to Pattaya Mail, there are two exceptions:

  1. If an immigrant has changed their address in Thailand, they need to notify the immigration processes bureau.
  2. If they re-enter the country, they will also have to repeat the procedure.

Items to note

When arriving in Thailand, foreign citizens do not need to provide their residential address. It is assumed that hotel managers or landlords should perform this procedure for them, however on occasion this does not take place. Tourists often encounter irresponsible property owners who do not bother with such concerns, and as a result, foreigners have to pay a $65 fine for non-compliance with the registration requirements.

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