Analysts predict a decline in tourist activity in Spain. This is due to the so-called «green plan of the European Union», which will be implemented until 2030. About how it will affect the tourism industry, read further.

So, the European Union plans to reduce carbon emissions by 55% in the next 8 years. What do they intend to do for this: 1) to reduce the number of air flights; 2) to use sustainable aviation fuel. Consequently, airfare prices will rise greatly. Speaking specifically about Spain (which is very dependent on tourism), experts say about the loss of about 11 million tourists already next year.

What do they think about all this in Spain itself? Javier Gandara, president of the country’s airlines association, says that Spain shares EU values, but believes that they need to take other, more effective decisions. He has not yet said what they are.

In general, whether the EU plan is effective is still a moot point. At least, the urgency of its implementation is questionable. A recent Bloomberg report, for example, states that, foremost, the problem of private jets should be solved. Or rather their popularity, which has recently become extremely high among the wealthy. And this is already polluting the air many times over.

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