The Express Real Estate Invest LLC was founded in June 2006. Thanks to many years of experience, now the agency is a member of the Real Estate Belarusian Association and the Confederation of Real Estate Agencies.

Alexander Gennadievich Alekseyev, who has a 25-year real estate experience, manages the agency. Moreover, the head of the company was previously engaged in the restaurant business and now leads consulting companies in Russia and Belarus.

The Express Real Estate Invest Agency specializes in residential and commercial properties. Most of its objects are located in Gomel, Minsk, and Mogilev regions. The price range is extremely wide: from $4,000 to $4,000,000.

Agency services include:

  • assistance in buying and selling real estate;
  • collecting documents for alterations;
  • assistance in transferring premises to housing/non-housing stock;
  • putting unaccomplished objects in prolonged storage ;
  • countryside real estate deals;
    • putting residential buildings, cottages into service;
    • subdivision and merging of land.

The quality of the services has allowed the company to become one of the main players in the real estate market. Our clients are satisfied with the contracts exclusive.

Another secret of the company’s success is thorough recruitment. In total, 80 employees are working in the agency. All of them are highly qualified professionals. The specialists are certified real estate agents approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the agency decided to tighten safety measures while continuing its work. Although the company notes that during the spread of COVID-19 the level of real estate prices decreased by 10%, it expects the market to start the recovery by October 2020.