An island in Scotland for the price of a garage in London 2021

An island in Scotland for the price of a garage in London

05.04.2021 18:50
Author: Anastasia Mayevskaya

The Scottish property market never ceases to delight us with interesting lots. At the end of 2020, a house in which the world-famous classic Frédéric Chopin lived for some time was put up for sale, and in March 2021, Scotland put on the market the uninhabited island of Deer (Eilean an Fheidh) on the west coast of the country.

What is noteworthy: the island is about to go under the hammer at auction, the starting price is $111,500. In comparison, for about the same money you can buy a garage in the capital of the foggy Albion.

More about the lot: the balance of privacy and popularity

Deer Island, located in the Scottish Highlands, is purely pristine. The territory of 4.5 hectares is covered with forests and there are no buildings at all. The place is also free of tourists, perfect for those who love peace and solitude.

If you buy Deer Island you will become a neighbour to some celebrities. There’s another smaller island nearby — Eilean Shonais — the property of the family of British billionaire Richard Branson.


eer Island, despite its isolation, is located in the sea bay, which is quite popular. It is about 50 km from the village of Glenfinnan and 70 km from the tourist centre of Fort William, from where you can get to any place in the UK thanks to the developed railway connection. Obviously, you will first need to get from Deer to the mainland by boat.

For your information

The starting bid of $111,500 is more than appealing, especially when you recall that house prices in Scotland start at $400,000 and continue to rise despite the turmoil of the crisis.

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