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Company description

We provide services in all segments of the real estate market. Our company employs only experienced professionals. The main principles of our work are responsibility, honesty, and legal perfection. The main area of our activity is real estate in Belarus. Each client of our company can get an extensive range of real estate services and professional legal advice. We value and appreciate our clients. We are driven by the desire to understand and assist our customers. We focus on long-term mutually beneficial relations with our partners. We commit to our obligations and act based on universal values. Our partners are an important part of our success. We are open to partnership and cooperation both within individual projects and in the long-term outlook.


REA Alfa Realt in Minsk provides the following services: - sale of apartments, houses, summer cottages, lands, and other real estates in Minsk and the Minsk region, as well as throughout the Republic of Belarus. - rent of apartments and rooms for any period in Minsk and the Minsk district. - lease of commercial properties (offices, warehouses, production and shopping space, etc.) in Minsk and the Minsk district. - sale of commercial real estate, help for sellers and buyers.