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3 properties
Montenegro, Ul. Borska 4, Bar 85000, Montenegro

Website: www.kiksam-invest.com

Email: kiksam@t-com.me

Languages: English, Русский, Српски, Crnogorski

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Company description

The headquarters of our company is located in Bar(street Borska 4) - the capital of tourism. Our company established in 2007, constitutes a small but elite team of associates who approaches each project professionally from the smallest to the largest and tries to maximize the engagement to go out to everyone in the meeting. Everything you want to create, we will help you and make sure to carry out the implementation of the plan as soon as possible. Meet your requirements, we are developing your project that can bring you both pleasure and profit. Our company's services include the entire engagement from initial contact, sightseeing, tips until the conclusion of the sales contract and registration of ownership in the new plots. We solve all kinds of administrative tasks, handle urban technical conditions on the property.