Квартира 1 спальня 52 м² в Турции, Турция

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Обновлено: 28.10.2023


Страна: Турция

Параметры квартиры

Количество комнат: 1
Количество спален: 1
Количество ванных: 1
Общая площадь: 52 м²


In Istanbul, away from the city's hustle and bustle, a tranquil and oxygen-rich life awaits you. We've created a project for you that includes large villas inspired by nature and developed with delicate touches to provide you with peace of mind. Our project, which spans 13,600 square meters, comprises 34 separate houses, each with a garden of up to 450 square meters. With a ceiling height of 7.50 feet, our project, designed with the boutique bungalow idea, provides you with a large living atmosphere. It will transport you back in time with its specially designed cast iron cookstoves in the villas, and it will provide a peaceful life by offering you to live in both summer and winter without being cut off from modern facilities such as air conditioning, uninterrupted electricity, and internet.

The 24/7 security in our project and the parking areas in front of each villa offer you a safe environment. You will have nothing to worry about in this project thanks to the automatic sprinklers in each villa and the built-in system including the dishwasher. Take a step into a happier life filled with serenity, with the 250-year-old olive trees.


  • В большом городе



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