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Apartments and flats for sale in Kyiv, Ukraine

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The number of people interested in buying an apartment in Kyiv is always high because real estate in the capital of Ukraine not only has high liquidity but also provides for regular income. 

What are the most popular districts of Kyiv for buying real estate? 

The answer depends on what criterion is the main one for you: when it comes to price, you will find the least expensive housing in Desnianskyi and Dniprovskyi districts. Pecherskyi and Podilskyi districts, as well as Obolonskyi, are leading in the number of sights and the level of prestige. 

What is the average cost of apartments in Kyiv? 

In most cases, the price of apartments in Kyiv depends on: 

  • location; 
  • type of the building; 
  • footage.

A two-room apartment in a «Khrushchevka» building or an old prefabricated housing in a residential area can be bought for 10-12 thousand euros, while a one-room apartment in the same area, but in a new residential complex costs no less than 20 thousand euros. In the traditionally expensive Pecherskyi district, you will have to pay 25-35 thousand euros for a one-room apartment with an area of 35-40 square meters, and 40-50 thousand euros for a two-room apartment. Prices for luxury apartments in the historic districts of Kyiv start from 420-500 thousand euros. 

What are the conditions for buying real estate in Ukraine? 

There are no restrictions for foreigners regarding the purchase of an apartment in Kyiv (as well as other types of real estate): it is enough to produce a passport and be physically present in the country to clinch a deal. However, at the moment, the purchase of real estate is not recognized as a sufficient ground for obtaining a residence permit; neither does it speed up the process of obtaining citizenship. Nevertheless, Ukrainian laws provide for issuing mortgage loans to foreigners, although, in reality, banks prefer to issue loans to those with collateralized property, who permanently live and work in the country.