Property for sale in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vilnius is a small but cozy European city, which perfectly combines the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the well-developed infrastructure. 

Which areas of Vilnius are the best for buying real estate?

There is a great demand for housing in Vilnius in the following districts: 

  • Pilaitė is one of the newest districts in Vilnius. There are many new buildings, the well-developed social infrastructure, and many facilities for leisure. Pilaitė is mostly inhabited by young families at the age of 30-35 years. 
  • Vilnius Old Town — it will appeal to those who want to buy housing in Vilnius at a reasonable price, and as close as possible to the center. 
  • Šnipiškes is an area of contrasts: here luxury apartments successfully coexist with the old wooden houses. 

How much does real estate in Vilnius cost on average?

Real estate prices in Vilnius depend on location, the type of the building and the year of its construction, the quality of repairs, the availability of furniture and appliances. 

On average, real estate in Vilnius costs €2160. Within €30,000 on the outskirts of the city you can buy a small cozy studio with an area of 18-27 m², renovated and provided with all the necessary furniture. 

Convenient real estate in Vilnius located in a building constructed in the years after 2010 will cost no less than €70,000. 

Can I get a residence permit in Lithuania for buying a home?

In Lithuania, there are loyal conditions for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens. Therefore, it is quite easy to get. However, buying a home in Vilnius is not a basis for obtaining the permit.