What is a rating on the Realting platform

Rating on the Realting platform enables

  • Assess real estate, immigration programs, companies and professionals subjectively.
  • Increase the popularity of companies’ offers (facilities, immigration programs), as well as specialists and companies themselves.

How the rating is formed

The more likes and superlikes a property (immigration program, specialist, company) has, the higher is its rating on the platform.

Recommendation — 15 points
Superlike — 10 points
Like — 1 point

Who can participate in the rating system

Registered users of the platform can participate in the rating system.

Who can form a rating

The rating is formed by all users registered on the platform.

Where you can track your rating

  • On a property page
  • On an immigration program page
  • On a specialist’s page
  • On a company’s page.

You can also sort properties (immigration programs, specialists and companies) in the listing on the platform, setting up appropriate filters in the search.

Likes, Superlikes

Like — is an expression of the user’s positive attitude towards a property, immigration program, specialist or company.

1 like — 1 point to the rating. User can like one property, immigration program, specialist or company once.

Superlike — is a sign of the user’s increased attention and approval of the property, immigration program, specialist or company.

Superlikes are paid. One superlike equals 10 points to the rating. The user can put one superlike to one property, immigration program, specialist or company.


On the Realting platform it is possible to recommend facilities, immigration programs, specialists and companies.

Recommendation Expression

  1. On the Realting specialist page 
  2. On the company’s Realting platform page 
  3. On social networks, placing a referral link.

Why recommend

  1. Recommendations raise the rating of the property (program, specialist, company) on the Realting platform. One recommendation — 15 points to the rating
  2. With recommendations you can earn an affiliate commission. If the recommendation leads to the request and, subsequently, the successful transaction, the recommender claims an affiliate commission from the seller. You can track a transaction like this from your personal account on the platform.